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Vindication for Vandemoer

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  • Vindication for Vandemoer

    In early 2019, the world of sailing, especially in the US was rocked by the announcement that a college sailing coach,
    one John Vandemoer had been arrested and charged in the largest college admissions scandals in US History.
    This announcement along with a long list of wealthy parents hoping to get their children accepted into prestigious
    colleges and universities who were caught up in the racketeering endeavours of one William "Rick" Singer.

    According to the film Operation University Blues Singer had created an empire
    by offering "Side Door Admissions" for parents that wished to get gain admission for their children via a healthy fee to Rick and his
    overhyped companies Key Worldwide Foundation and The Edge College & Career Network along with generous donations to under prioritized
    sports programs such as water polo, rowing and sailing.

    John appears in the film as himself, as he explains how things transpired, and how he unwittingly was caught up in the scandal
    the scapegoated by Stanford as they apparently attempted to protect their image. The film uses the direct quotes from the FBI wiretapping
    with actors playing the parents that fell victim of not only Mr Singer but their own selfish desires to circumnavigate the proper channel for admissions.

    John has also written a book himself, elaborating on his experience which is due to be released in late September
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery

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    Need to watch that movie!