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    Fall into the trap
    03/22/2022 by Carsten Kemmling / Segel Reporter

    It's the nightmare. During the night the wind shifts at the anchorage, the iron does not hold and the yacht drifts onto the stony Legerwall coast. Dramatic, sad images emerge.

    You don't want to see your yacht like this, in the white water on the stones. Your end is near. The 13 meter yacht "Joss" of a single-handed skipper found itself in this position on Monday. The Dutchman had alerted the French rescue workers early in the morning after being stranded at Cap des Mèdes on the northern tip of the Mediterranean island of Porquerolles.

    The sea rescuers of the organization SNSM could not reach the scene of the accident with a ship in seven Beaufort onshore wind and three meter high waves. And so the sailor was rescued from his life-threatening situation by a Navy helicopter from the badly damaged yacht. According to initial information from the SNSM, the skipper was not injured.

    The reasons for the accident are still under investigation. Apparently the Dutchman was surprised by a shifting wind at the anchorage during the night. The anchor would not hold, and after the protective land to windward had turned into a dangerous Legerwall coast, he was unable to escape the trap in time.

    Porquerolles is known for its dreamy anchorages for beautiful beaches. But they are mostly on the north side of the island and are not protected against winds from the northern quadrant. But the mistral blows from this direction, which usually occurs very suddenly and meets the Golfe de Lion over the mainland through the Rhône valley near Hyères. When that happens, you don't want a leeward coast.

    Now the yacht is to be salvaged as soon as weather conditions allow. Hopefully there will still be something left of the beautiful yacht.
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