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    A Custom Line superyacht sank off the coast of Turkey but was prevented from falling to the sea floor in the nick of time. When the boat started taking water, no less than 10 people were on board, so it was sailing almost at full capacity.

    The incident took place off the coast of Seferihisar, in the western part of the country, local media reports. Available below is a video of the Coast Guard boat approaching the vessel, which, at this point, is more than halfway underwater. The causes of the incident are still under investigation.

    According to Boat International, the vessel seems to be a Custom Line Navetta 26 superyacht, with reports saying it’s called Kapky, but no official details are available as of the time of press.

    Superyacht Times reports that the captain called the Coast Guard right as he noticed the vessel was taking water at around 11am local time. Boats from the Coast Guard took the passengers to the shore before returning to rescue the vessel itself. Authorities were eventually able to drain some of the water out of the vessel before towing it to G?m?ld?r Fisherman’s Shelter.

    The Navetta 26 is an older superyacht model introduced by Ferretti’s Custom Line in 2008. With a total length of 26.22 meters (86 feet), which gives it its name, it offers accommodation for up to 12 guests in five spacious cabins and features plenty of outdoor space, divided between lounge and tanning areas, as well as a hot tub and a spacious beach club. Powered by twin 900 hp MAN R6E engines, a Navetta 26 sells for upwards of €2.5 million, or roughly $2.6 million at the current exchange rate.

    In other words, while there’s a happy ending to this accident in the fact that both passengers and the vessel were rescued by the Coast Guard, damages are most likely expensive.

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