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Orca Aggression Sinks French Yacht

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  • Orca Aggression Sinks French Yacht

    A boat was attacked by orcas this Tuesday and sank off Viana do Castelo.

    The commander of the Maritime Police and the captaincy of Viana do Castelo, Rui Lampreia da Silva, told O MINHO that the French-flagged sailboat was damaged after having had an “interaction” with cetaceans 14 miles (approximately 25 kilometers) to the west. from the port of Vienna.
    After being attacked by the orcas, the boat had a “water ingress” and ended up sinking.

    The four crew members of the vessel were rescued by another boat that was in the vicinity and are in good health, having not required medical assistance.
    The alert was given at 12:05.
    The National Maritime Authority detached the “Atento” lifeguard, who proceeded to remove the wreckage. The National Maritime Authority guarantees that “no source of pollution was detected at the site”.
    The local Command of the Maritime Police of Viana do Castelo took care of the occurrence and a warning will be given to navigation, for safety reasons.
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