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SSS Single-Handed Transpac Division Splits Announced!

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  • SSS Single-Handed Transpac Division Splits Announced!

    With just over a week before the start of the 2012 Single-Handed Transpac, organizers have made the division breaks made known:

    "The division splits for this year's race have been finalized. We'll have two one-boat divisions but that's just the way the cookie crumbles.

    Sled - Truth

    Spare Hull - Rainbow

    Fast & Fun - Idefix, TAZ!!, Hope for the Warriors, RushMoore, Team Open Sailing

    30 Somethings - Flight Risk, Slacker, Bandicoot, Moonshadow, Red Sky, Harrier

    Big & Comfy - Scaramouche V, Mouton Noir, Frolic, Galaxsea, Champ, Green Buffalo

    Plastic Classics - Bela Bartok, Dolce, Tortuga, Darwind"

    All images and info below ©

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    Are we doing a pool?


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      I'll put the ratings up on the SSS Forum - that might affect your picks. The ratings shown above are regular PHRF ratings - the race is run using "SHTP ratings."


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        A short Primer for SSS Transpac

        The 2012 Singlehanded Transpac starts in just two days. In what should be one of the most exciting and easy to follow editions of the race to date, 24 skippers will be racing solo from San Francisco to Kauai. In the fleet this year are everything from an Open 50 ("Truth" ex-Pegasus) to a Mini Transat and everything in between.

        I'll be sailing my Moore 24 "US 101", which I have renamed for the race to "Hope for the Warriors"' in honor of my title sponsor. We're fully set up with a full inventory of new Quantum sails, a new B&G autopilot and a thorough refit for the race. I've had some good success with the boat in local offshore stuff this year and after a brutal 400-mile solo qualifying sail, I know that "Hope for the Warriors" is up to the challenge.

        But my class in particular is going to be über-competitive. In addition to my Moore is Ruben Gabriel's Moore 24 "Rushmoore". Ruben is an SHTP race vet who lost his rig in the 2008 edition of the race (not on a Moore) and sailed 700 miles under jury rig to reach the finish. He was my double handed partner this year on the Doublehanded Farallones race which we won. He's a great friend but also a very good sailor and should be very competitive. Then there's current race champion Adrian Johnson returning on his Olson 30 "Idefix". Adrian knows the way and he came back to defend his title, so he's obviously a favorite. In addition, there's the Open Sailing Pogo 2 Mini Transat sailed by Jerome Sammarcelli. Jerome just sailed the boat-breaking Guadalupe Island Race and his boat looks beautiful and rather unscathed, so he seems pretty legit. There's also an Express 27 that's a race vet and a Hobie 33 in the mix. So needless to say, this should be a solo ULDB battle all the way to Hawaii.

        In the Sled class, there's the Open 50 "Truth" sailed by Alex Mehran. Alex is a fast sailor with a well prepped boat and a very business like approach, so he could be dangerous. Another boat to watch out for is the Cal 40 "Green Buffalo" sailed by Jim Quanci. Undoubtedly the most experienced sailor in the fleet and probably the one who's won the most hardware over the years. Jim is one of my target boats that I'll be closely watching, that's for sure. He will be very competitive. Sprinkle in a mix of cruising boats and racer/ cruisers and it should be a race of epic proportions.

        Follow the race at The entire fleet will be equipped with Yellow Brick trackers, so that the public can easily follow along.

        And major thanks to my title sponsor Hope for the Warriors, Quantum Sail Design Group, West Marine Rigging and all the rest of my sponsors and friends who have helped me get to the starting line yet again. I wouldn't be here without you, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

        Check out the promo for the race and teaser for an upcoming full-length film that we are working on here with professional sailing videographer Pierson Jacquelin above!

        Ronnie Simpson
        Moore 24 "US 101"
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          A quick look at some weather charts for Saturday's start and into early next week:

          It looks like an easier start than 2010 (10-15 from the NW on Saturday) then building into solid breeze on the coast. The high is massive and appears to be centered due North of Hawaii and due West of us. It will be challenging to pick a spot to cross the ridge, and we may see boats going well south early.

          I know too many of these guys to make picks without offending somebody, but they'll get over it!

          In the "Plastic Classics" I like TORTUGA. Westsails tend to do well under this rating system and Randy has been sailing the boat a lot. He was one of the four finishers in last Summer's brutal LongPac.

          "30 Somethings" is tough to pick from . . . SLACKER won the 600 nm Guadalupe Island race earlier this year, BANDICOOT will be very tough, but I'm leaning towards my nemesis from last season, MOONSHADOW. Dave will be full on all the time. But then there's the General . . .

          "Big and Comfy" - GREEN BUFFALO. Jim Q can do this in his sleep . . . and probably will.

          "Fast & Fun" is another tough division. I'll take one of the Frenchmen: IDEFIX (2010 Overall Winner) if it's light, and TEAM OPEN SAILING (the Mini) if it gets windy early. It would be a hoot for one of the Moores to win it, but time in the boat will favor the other skippers.

          Now the biggie: Will TRUTH take the Monohull elapsed time record? Great boat, top-notch preparation and Alex has some decent time in the boat . . .

          Nope, not enough breeze this go-around.


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            Bob's Division Splits from SHTP Page

            Truth, Open 50, -123, Sled

            Turbo Camper, Hobie 33, 84, Fast & Fun
            Idefix, Olson 30, 99, Fast & Fun
            Taz!!, Express 27, 129, Fast & Fun
            Hope for the Warriors, Moore 24, 152, Fast & Fun
            RushMoore, Moore 24, 152, Fast & Fun
            Team Open Sailing, Pogo 2 Mini, 115, Fast & Fun

            Rainbow, Crowther 10M, 184, Spare Hull

            Flight Risk, Quest 30 (Mod), 97, 30-Somethings
            Slacker, Tartan Ten, 140, 30-Somethings
            Bandicoot, WylieCat 30, 128, 30-Somethings
            Moonshadow, Custom Wylie 31, 160, 30-Somethings
            Red Sky, Olson 34 (Ericson), 133, 30-Somethings
            Harrier, Finn Flyer 31, 184, 30-Somethings

            Scaramouche V, Palmer Johnson S&S 49, 92, Big & Comfy
            Mouton Noir, Garcia Passoa 47, 119, Big & Comfy
            Frolic, Islander 36 TM, 154, Big & Comfy
            Galaxsea, Nauticat 44, 145, Big & Comfy
            Champ, Island Packet 380, 156, Big & Comfy
            Green Buffalo, Cal 40, 132, Big & Comfy

            Bela Bartok, Vindo 31, 200, Plastic Classics
            Dolce, Alberg 30, 222, Plastic Classics
            Tortuga, Westsail 32, 199, Plastic Classics
            Darwind, Pearson Triton 28, 240, Plastic Classics


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              Good luck and safe passages for all!


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                Latest Divison Splits and Start Time

                C Plastic Classics Bela Bartok 632 Derk Wolmuth Vindo 40
                C Plastic Classics Darwind 107 Tom Watson Triton 28.5
                C Plastic Classics Tortuga 207 Randy Leasure Westsail 32

                D Thirtysomethings Bandicoot 28530 Al Germain Wyliecat 30
                D Thirtysomethings Flight Risk 50530 John Lubimir Quest 30
                D Thirtysomethings Harrier 77564 Ken “The General” Roper Finn Flyer 31
                D Thirtysomethings Moonshadow 8675 Dave Morris Wylie 31
                D Thirtysomethings Red Sky 28340 Brian Boschma Olson 34
                D Thirtysomethings Slacker 213 Whitall Stokes Tartan Ten 33

                E Big & Comfy Champ 60380 David Liaño Gonzalez IP 380
                E Big & Comfy Frolic 47462 Steve Hodges Islander 36
                E Big & Comfy Galaxsea 28743 Daniel Willey Nauticat 44
                E Big & Comfy Green Buffalo 8538 Jim Quanci Cal 40
                E Big & Comfy Mouton Noir 1102409 Mike Jefferson Passoa 47
                E Big & Comfy Scaramouche V 74434 Peter Heiberg PJ 50

                F Fast & Fun Idefix 74296 Adrian Johnson Olson 30
                F Fast & Fun RushMoore 133 Ruben Gabriel Moore 24
                F Fast & Fun Taz!! 8100 George Lythcott Express 27
                F Fast & Fun Team Open Sailing 806 Jerome Sammarcelli Pogo 21
                F Fast & Fun Turbo Camper 87574 Brian VanderZanden Hobie 33
                F Fast & Fun US 101/Hope for the Warriors 101 Ronnie Simpson Moore 24

                G Spare Hull Rainbow KA-1 Cliff Shaw Crowther 10m 35

                J Sled Truth USA 101 Alex Mehran Open 50

                " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

       Photo Gallery


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                  Thanks for the update PB. The Mrs. And I plan on being there to see them off just like every other time since 96.
                  Latter start than I had thought. Good, don't have to get up so early.
                  Weather looks light but good. Looks like a nice trip across.

                  God speed sailors !
                  life is a reach_/) _/)


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                    Slow go for the 2012 edition thus far...start pics uploading...
                    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

           Photo Gallery


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                      Did Scaramouche turn back?
                      The little boat icon is pointed the wrong way.......

                      Edit: the boat thingy is actually pointing north, so um, whatzat mean?


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                        Never mind----
                        I ran the loop and it seems Scarmouche has been sailing backwards since shortly after turning south..... seems fast though.


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                          YellowBrick is using the PHRF ratings for the Standings instead of the SHTP ratings. A request to fix this has been sent to the R/C but in the meantime, don't believe everything you read in the funnypapers . . .


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                            Thanks Bob. I knew those numbers were wrong. I missed you this morning, ?
                            life is a reach_/) _/)


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                              I spent the day at CYC on Friday. This is a great fleet - on average much more experienced than 2010's so the mood was relaxed. There was plenty of opportunity to sit aboard the boats and talk about the competition, past races, etc. - seemingly very little last-minute scrambling to bolt stuff on boats.

                              The group photo after the skippers' meeting was when it hit me - and I decided not to go back over for the start.

                              Hopefully 2014. You?