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Ronnie Simpson Vying For Next Editon Of Vendee?

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  • Ronnie Simpson Vying For Next Editon Of Vendee?

    Ronnie Simpson on his Moore 24' 101 at the start of the 2012 SHTP

    The boat is available for a modest price, and it's already in Paradise!

    Ronnie has done some pretty impressive things, but he has put his Moore 24 101 up for sale and is moving to France. The overall goal? The next edition of the 2016 Vendee!

    We caught Ronnie having Happy Hour at a local SF watering hole, here's a taste of the conversation....

    Ronnie been eyeballing the Vendee for some time and this year sold him on the idea. He's already arranged media content providers, a manager (Bruce Scwhab), a marketing concept to hit up US Business concerns with European market footprint and leverage the
    strong media presence of the Vendee in his favor.

    A grass roots campaign will begin soon, and Ronnie will use the proceeds from the sale of his Moore 24 to get himself in the thick of things in Lorient France, where hell learn the language and hopefully be in position to purchase a used IMOCA Open 60.

    The intent is to bring the boat back to SF in and compete in the 2012 SHTP,and follow that up with a Barcelona DH Race later in 2014, and follow it up with some additional event prior to the 2016 Vendee!

    Ronnie will have a new website up soon and will keep us apprised as that happens!
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    Wouldn't the mini circuit be a good stepping stone?
    Pointing like a traffic cop, footin like a track star.


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      Roine isse a prettye fockused guye. Iye wishe himm welle.


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        Ronnie has two blogs, somewhat confusingly, and also a facebook