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  • Colville's Window Has Opened

    After weeks and weeks of waiting since calling off his last attempt at the Solo Around The World Record, Thomas Colville prepares for another start and attempt! Below is a poorly translated version of Thomas's latest release!

    "It already blows well in Brest! The team of the maxi-trimaran Sodebo prepares to leave the Port du Château tonight from 20 hours. In tough conditions (currently 30 knots in the marina), Thomas Coville will head to the starting line of the record round the world solo Créac'h Lighthouse located on the island of Ouessant it should pass middle of the night."

    "Conditions start to be difficult with the wind from the southwest 25 to 30 knots accompanied by squalls and a heavy swell off Ushant. It is for the skipper to jump before the passage of a trough (area of low wind) forecasted for Brest tomorrow morning.

    "They are not really dream conditions. From tonight the sea soon becomes complicated solo on a boat of 30 meters. But we must pounce with the wind to avoid getting stuck in Brest tomorrow morning when it was forecasted less than 7 knots. The situation is different for Lionel (Lemonchois, skipper of Maxi80 Prince de Bretagne who must tackle record tomorrow Port-Louis, France - Port Louis, Mauritius). Starting from Lorient (80 miles - 150 km to the south), he should escape this soft shot and will have 15 to 20 knots tomorrow afternoon.

    The window is tempting. I have 12 and 14 hours of close hauled sailing in strong wind before crossing the front and recover Wind West-Northwest bearing. Then it will be a sporty descent into the wind and the sea in Portugal, it passes under the Azores which is still installed with established trade winds that can allow us to proceed to Cape Verde."

    All Images © Yvan Zedda / Sodebo
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    A poor translated dispatch from The Sodebo website

    Nature does things. Now at the helm of their trimarans, Thomas Coville and Lionel Lemonchois begin their first night of record within a few miles of each other in the Bay of Biscay. Both have left the earth today to tackle a time held by Francis Joyon, large ocean marine reference lap. Aboard the maxi trimaran Sodebo, Thomas lunged Ile de Ouessant on the course round the world (57J 13h 34 min) at 7:42 this morning while Lionel cut the line at the tip Gavres (Lorient) at 2:52 p.m. to tackle record of Mauritius Port Louis rallying in France in Port Louis in Mauritius (26j 4h 13mn). 's family boats account records so a newcomer! Indeed, Lionel Lemonchois leads Maxi80 Prince de Bretagne, a trimaran from a transformation of the old trimaran 60ft Orma Sodebo with which Thomas has beaten including his first solo records between 2005 and 2007. Both boats started their journey today in unusual circumstances since the wind of 15-20 knots which is currently sweeping the Bay of Biscay. Trimarans spend a front that night before catching the last downwind Northwest. The next few days then looking pretty favorable to a beautiful part of slips. roads two hunters bifurqueront record in the South Atlantic at the door Forties when Thomas begins his tour of Antarctica when Lionel cross the Cape of Good Hope before winding the southern tip of Africa in the Indian Ocean back towards Maurice. Meantime, the road is long and fraught with pitfalls as often like to remind sailors. This afternoon, nice nod to the Navy, a Falcon 50M fleet Lann Bihoué flew over and filmed the trimaran Sodebo: see here the video images (National Marine copyright) And really, what a day! Nearly 63,000 virtual skippers also cast off with Thomas Coville and Sodebo. We wish them all a wonderful adventure to share and care, this very night, he'll have to make the right choice! On awaits you on Twitter @ Sodebo_Voile with the hashtag # SodeboTDM and unprecedented operation # MomentDeLiberté
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      Colville Making Progress

      57 days, 13 hours, 34 minutes and six seconds is the time to beat for the singlehanded
      multihull around the word record set on 2008 by Francis Joyon aboard IDEC. 5 days in, Thomas Colville trails Joyon's 2008 pace by a tad under 140 nm. He's avoided the Canary Islands and now is enjoy straight line pressure average 27 knots.

      The "Pot-au-Black" and St Helena anticyclone still lie ahead and it will require a bit of luck to pass through before Sodebo can really lay the hammer down and put some miles under her hull!

      Day 1: 296 miles/24h 13 knots -
      Day 2: 511 miles/24h 21.4 knots -
      Day 3: 454 miles/24h 19.5 knots -
      Day 4: 429 miles/24h 21 knots -
      Distance since the start: 2200 miles (4074 km)
      Distance traveled in 24 hours: 489 miles
      Average speed over 24 hours: 22.2 knots

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        I think he might be near the equator, but damn the Sodebo website if hard to follow.


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          Back To The Barn: Colville Abandons Record Attempt

          Weather conditions ahead, the accumulated and routings that are down some 300 miles from the Antarctic ice at delay bring the competitor Thomas Coville, in agreement with its owner Sodebo, to abandon his attempt to lap record the world solo in a multihull.

          The skipper is returning directly to his home port Trinité.

          image © Yvan Zedda / Sodebo

          " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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            Better safe than sorry. Icebergs and tri-hulls don't mix.