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  • Half The Boat It Used To Be

    After breaking apart on 24th December 180 miles off Brest, the 60-foot IMOCA Cheminées Poujoulat was refloated in late January in Aber Wrac’h in North West Brittany. Since then, Bernard Stamm and his team have been waiting for a break in the weather to organise the return of the wreck to Brest. The operation finally took place on Tuesday 18th February: the remaining part of the hull was loaded onto Dora, a boat belonging to DCNS, which then set off for Brest, which she reached yesterday evening. The wreck will be taken apart and her keel removed. Bernard Stamm’s team will attempt to find out why the accident occurred.

    Stamm Interview

    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery

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    Lucky to have swam away from that.....IMOCA boats should be stronger than that, hopefully the
    weakness is ascertained and future boats avoid the issue.