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Kiwi Spirit Abandons 2nd Attempt

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  • Kiwi Spirit Abandons 2nd Attempt

    "Once again my attempt to complete a solo circumnavigation has come to an end. On Xmas Eve the top quarter of the mail sail separated along a seam from the rest of the sail. This is not repairable by me at sea and given the gales I can expect before I round the tip of South Africa it is once again not advisable to continue. This is of course is a big disappointment to me and too many who have wished me well. But that is life. I have never let difficulties get in my way of trying something worthwhile. I am always aware that failure can occur but I have never let the fear of failure deter or prevent me from trying. To do so would be to accept mediocrity and that I will never do.

    To all who wished me well, family, friends, colleagues and school children I am sorry to disappoint you yet once again and wish you all well in following your dreams.

    Now I head for Cape Town, South Africa where once again repairs will be undertaken and later a crew will bring Kiwi Spirit, such a wonderful boat, back to the United States.

    I am 680 miles from Cape Town and expect to be there in about five days going quite slow to conserve a limited fuel supply.

    Kindest regards and best wishes for the holiday season."

    Dr Stanley Paris
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    Thats a bummer.

    After all the planning and expenses put into the boat too.


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      I wonder if Stanley will put boat up for sail or just do some extensive cruising with her?