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    Just 9 finishers?

    Hats off to the RC for duty above and beyond!


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      Nice effort for Ryle and Brett! Never say die!


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        A Conversation With Six Brothers's Chris Kramer

        Chris Kramer sailed his Columbia 32C to 1st Monohull to finish and only Sportboat to finish in this years SHF. Chris and crew have been quietly campaigning
        on SF Bay in recent times and doing quite well. We managed to get hold of Chris and get some feeedback on the program, where it started and where its headed:

        PD Tell us about the Six Brothers program. You and your crew (names if you don't mind) have been very active this season on the Bay,
        How did this program come together?

        CK The Six Brothers program started four years ago in western Long Island Sound at American YC. After spending several years crewing on JBoats, I decided it was time to own a boat again. I wanted a fast/fun boat to race with family and friends in the Sound and Newport, RI. My original interest was fully crewed W/L events with an occasional coastal race thrown in for fun. Because I couldn't round up enough crew for the 2015 Vineyard Race, I decided to try double handing 6Bros with my friend, and now co-skipper, John Fryer. Although we didn't do well on our first DH outing, we decided that short-handed sailing could be a fun way to race Six Brothers.

        My wife, Denise, and I moved to the Bay Area in August for work. Six Brothers followed in December and we were fortunate enough to wind up at RYC based on the recommendation of Jim Gregory. RYC is such a great club with great people – Denise and I are so happy to have been become members. After a few weeks of putting the boat back together again after the cross-country transit, Denise and I sailed Six Brothers on New Year's Day for our inaugural sail on the Bay. From there, Six Brothers raced 3BF, Big Daddy (fully crewed with Denise and one of our boys), DH Farallones, DH Corinthian, DH Round the Rocks, Lightship (fully crewed), DH Duxship, and SH Farallones.

        Having grown up in New York, the idea of racing year round is amazing plus the Bay Area is so incredibly beautiful. The variety, participation, and level of racing is wonderful. Denise and I are so excited and happy to now be living in the Bay Area. Denise was born and grew up in Southern California. I originally fell in love with California when I was stationed in San Diego back in the mid-eighties as Surface Warfare Office. My first San Francisco experience steaming under the GGB as very young junior officer for Fleet Week in 1986.

        PD The new Columbia C32 seems to be very capable in a variety of conditions, tell us a bit about it?

        CK Six Brothers is a Columbia Carbon 32, designed by Tim Kernan. Six Brothers is hull #6 which was built in SoCal by Vince Valdes, the son of the founder of Columbia Yachts. She was delivered to New York during the summer of 2013. It took a 1/2 season to figure things out and started to do well out on the race course and over the next 2.5 seasons racked up a reasonable race record in both buoy and distance racing, including LI Sound PHRF and AYC Club Championships. She is a ton of fun to sail and I'm looking forward to racing in the breeze in SF Bay this summer.

        PD The name 6 Brothers is derived from?

        CK People often ask about the boat's name, Six Brothers. Well, I have six sons (now ages 22-8) so her name is in honor of them and the general idea of brotherhood. I have a seventh son now, but it's bad luck to change the name plus we have tons of swag with "Six Brothers." The older boys raced with Denise and me - with varying degrees of interest - back in NY and one of our sons flew out to do the Big Daddy in March during his spring break from college.

        PD Was this your 1st Single Handed Farallones?

        CK The last two weekends have been positive for the Six Brothers program: With the great help of fellow RYC member, Dirk Husselman, Six Brothers won the DH class for a breezy Duxship Race. We got pounded going U/W, but rewarded with two fun reaching legs at 14-17 knots. Last weekend was my first SH Farallones and my first SH event of any kind. Six Brothers isn't really set up to SH easily, but Saturday's conditions were benign. It was slow going after leaving the Bay for most of the morning and into the afternoon. Because of the fog I couldn't see any other boats after 1-2 miles after the GGB so I figured people were still racing and decided to keep at it. After the fourth sail change that yielded no improvement in boat speed, the breeze finally filled in from the NW, the fog lifted, and the remainder of the race was very pleasant. Although Six Brothers was the first monohull to finish, the overall winner was RYC member, Al Germain.

        PD A lot of boats bailed after a half day of little to no progress, what
        possessed you to keep going?

        CK Fog. I couldn't see anyone 1-2 miles after the GGB so I figured people were still racing.

        PD Any moments when you thought maybe this is not a good idea?

        CK Yes, after the fourth sail change that yielded no improvement in boat speed during the lightest part of the afternoon.

        PD You were the 1st monohull to finish, congrats! What do you attribute your success in that category to?

        CK Beginners luck and great coaching from my friends at RYC. I also try to spend significant time preparing for each event and sometimes it pays off.

        PD What's on the agenda for the foreseeable future for Six Brothers?

        CK I]The whole SF Bay season is new to me so each race is a first time event. I plan to do most of the remaining SSS and OYRA event this season and, if Denise and I can find crew, we will do Big Boat in September. All of the DH racing is leading up to Pac Cup next summer with my co-skipper from NY. I LOVE RACING OUT HERE!!![/I]

        Thanks Chris and welcome to The Bay Area !
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          Great piece PB!

          Welcome to SF Chris!


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            I was wondering who they were and where they came from.

            Would like to get a closer peak at that C32 when it's tied up.

            RYC is its home?


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              Yes, slip D53


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                Thanks! Will take a looksee next time I am there!