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I am planning a Solo non-stop circumnavigation.
Any tips or advise? Other than don't do it
Food prep quanities/type, clothing, propane, rigging, makes or models etc., weather and routing service
I am asking these questions more as a "oh crap I forget about that" or "that slipped by me".

Little info about boat
40' Block Island Yawl
47 gal fuel, 80 gal water(2 tanks), auto pilot, cape horn wind vane, 20lb propane, espar D5 heater, ssb, vhf, radar, chartplotter, wind, knot, dept, EPRIB,

Will be adding suggestions on makes models etc;
watermaker, 200-300 watt solar, drogue, liferaft, sat. phone, I have been trying to figure out (because of cost) whether to go hydro generator or wind as back up. I am also considering a boom furling on the main.

I plan on an East to West starting in Maine or Maryland. Route going around the three southern Horns.
so sailing mostly in the S40degree's nad the S50's. Cold and wet.