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2018 SSS Single Handed Transpac

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    7 In, 9 To Go!


    Mike’s Lists
    Last night at sea, knock on wood. Easy to find aboard Jacqueline because every last piece is squeaking.

    Beautiful evening with Dolfin’s lights in sight. Hard to believe we can see each other after 2144 nm at sea.

    Now I have turned my attention to obsessing about finish to do’s. I often wonder if I am some sort of to do list obsessive/compulsive. No to do list? Get that on a to do list pronto. I have little scraps of paper all over the boat with cryptic tasks which i cant even remember what they are. My handwriting doesn’t help. “go get the tractor fabricated” what the hell was that? probably important.

    New to do…Improve handwriting.


    Update from Dark Horse 7.7 9:15 PM PST
    Tonight is my last night at sea. The trades have been very steady, around 20 knots with some squalls up to 30 knots. I have just the mainsail up and trucking along, the boat and autopilot have been dealing with it pretty good. It has given me some time to recover and fix some things. I got my solar charging at a sufficient rate after I lost one panel. I had to rewire a controller back to the battery. I have also had time to read “Not a yacht club”, which is a great book and I am very proud to be part of the SSS. I also found time to read “Experiment in Survival”, an interesting book. Seems like a lot of trouble for a publicity stunt.

    I am really excited to get to Hawaii and see everyone and start eating again! I’m really looking forward to tree time. Looking back at the trip, I was expecting to say the hardest part of it was leaving, but I can’t say that. There have been some very challenging, emotionally and physically, times over the last 2 weeks. Overall I am really happy with the boat and how it performed. The biggest thing I would change is to bring a whisker pole. Not having one really reduced my miles in these conditions leaving me to be under a main more than I would like. With the heavier conditions, it was too risky for my to fly a spinnaker. 20 knots was my limit. I was expecting to do a lot more spinnaker work, but it didn’t allow for it. I also expected it to be a lot warmer. It really didn’t get warm until 4 days ago.

    I am happy with how dry my boat has been, the bilge hasn’t even filled up once! Thanks to the dodger, and new hatches and all the work I put into sealing all the holes. It sure makes a big difference psychologically having a dry place to go to and sleep. I am happy with my autopilots and electrical system. Everything ran perfectly and I had plenty of power.

    Next time I would bring more fleece pants and long underwear. I also would provision a little more differently too. The same meal gets pretty boring and then I don’t want to eat. I spent today cleaning up the boat and packing bags that go ashore so I can just anchor and head to the beach. It will be a dream come true tomorrow, hopefully the squalls won’t be too bad tonight.

    2 days ago I came across a group of dolphins, there must have been hundreds of them. They would swim along the boat and jump right in front of it, kind of playing with it. This went on for about a half hour, sailing along with all these dolphins in the middle of the sea, it was a very unique experience I won’t ever forget. Reminds me of a time I was working on a ranch that borders Yellowstone National Park, and after a long day of fixing fence up in a high mountain pasture, I was riding home across a hay field and came across a herd of 400 elk. Next thing you know I was loping my horse in the middle of this herd of elk across a field. There was nothing like that in the world. Purely living in the moment.
    Well, that’s all for now, gotta get things set up for night squall sailing!


    Mike Reflects…
    one of the great challenges of this race is to understand far you can push your boat without breaking her or you.

    i am finding the experience from my first shtp to be invaluable in this regard. i am much more comfortable with how the boat will perform in various conditions and this gives me a little more mental space to optimize and experiment with various configurations.

    i look back and wonder why i did or did not do certain things and realize i was just set up with a pair of training wheels the last race.


    Mike complains. And complains. And complains
    blowing 22 to 25 kts out here while you guys schmooze and drink mai tais. that's not right. to add insult to injury, i am back to the third reef. come on, i am 200 short miles from the garden isle, give me a break. and no cold beer. and no internet…….the humanity and lots of squalls too, and crappy food


    Day 13 Summary – back to the trades
    Today saw the finishes of Passages and Nightmare, congrats to them! The rest of the fleet saw lighter more manageable conditions and sentiment traded back to how great the sailing is, except for the poor sods who have AP or electric issues. They kinda stayed at the “just get me to Hanalei” mindset. Folks in this category are Crinan II, who hand steers and stops to rest, Riff Rider is doing the same, and Fugu who, with full sun, did manage to get some power and some rest from hand steering to conserve amp hours. The latter two crossed paths with each other today. Crinan II will be the next to finish tonight.

    The comfort clump continued to enjoy great conditions and they are still seeing good wind. Dark Horse continued sprinting ahead and now has fewer miles to go than JouJou – quite a show. Morning Star has less than 550 miles to go and then this race will move into history. Winds are forecast to lighten up over the next few days, lets hope a lot of distance is traveled before then.


    Jacqueline was attacked today by a school of 36 squid who boarded without permission and proceeded to paint my boat brown. i know how many there were because, lucky for them, i threw them all back. one or two flying fish are fine but a school of squid….come on
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery


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