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Mama Said That There Would Be Days Like This

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  • Mama Said That There Would Be Days Like This

    127 double handed and single handed boats signed up for the 2022 SSS Corinthian Race,
    A tour of the Central Bay and usually a windy and fast adventure..

    From the START (GGYC)
    • to Crissy Field (Blackaller) buoy (yellow cylinder "C" 0.2 nm E of Fort Point), leaving it
    to starboard,
    • then to Angel Island rounding in either direction (clockwise or counter
    • then to Little Harding buoy (G “1” Fl G 4s), leaving it to port,
    • then to Blossom Rock buoy (GR “BR” Fl (2+1) G 6s BELL), leaving it to starboard,
    Then to FINISH (GGYC)

    However, this year, a building ebb and a dying zephyr combined to frustrate most competitors as " The Great Flush" pulled many a boat out the Gate where
    they struggled to re-enter... There were no posted finishers in results, so it appears the DNF tag will be used across the board!

    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery