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A Stampede At Cape Horn

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  • A Stampede At Cape Horn

    The effects of the storm extend and affect Ronnie Simpson

    As mentioned in an earlier post, finally the Cape Horn storm forecast we were all following is, thankfully, something better for Feb 6-7-8. The Global Solo Challenge pattern trio consisting of Andrea Mura, Fran?ois Gouin and Riccardo Tosetto should witness much better conditions that should allow them to navigate safely. With the center of low pressure slightly further north than initially anticipated, winds associated with a cold front, which threatened to block Global Solo Challenge patterns again, have ended up hitting the Andean Range.

    Instead of blowing southwards and around Earth of Fire affecting mainly the Cape Horn area, the winds expanded over the ridge and into the Atlantic, thus becoming a concern for Ronnie Simpson. It must be considered that the shallow waters (approximately 100m) between Argentina and the Malvinas can generate very turbulent and unpleasant seas, with short waves and breakers, which are much more ferocious and dangerous than one would normally find in the Pacific Ocean. Given this situation, Ronnie is on high alert and his goal is to navigate north as quickly as possible to avoid the worst of this storm that is forming. Stay tuned!


    Cape Horn: PenDuickVI, Translated9, Vento di Sardegna, Maxi Edmund de Rothschild and more!

    I wonder if Cape Horn has ever been busy with so many boats from different events all rounding Cape Horn at the same time. As of 0800 UTC, 5am local time, in the middle of the night it was PenDuickVI skippered by Marie Tabarly the first boat to round the Cape in Ocean Globe Race. With a 73ft ketch, the sea state encountered in the last 24 hours was probably intense but not worrying, as displacement and size matter indeed in the south so they pressed on without the need to slow down.

    Next to round will be the Italian Swan 65 Translated9 skippered by Simon Curwen (Owned and Co-skippered by Marco Trombetti). Less than 150 miles from the cape, Global Solo Challenge's Andrea Mura on his Open 50 Vento di Sardegna had slowed down in the past few days to avoid the worst of the strong winds, a choice that is fully understandable when sailing solo on a much lighter boat.

    In fact the window chosen to round Cape Horn by Andrea Mura is the same chosen by the Ultim Edmund de Rothschild skippered by Charles Caudrelier in the Arkea Ultim, who put his race on pause and resumed sailing to sail behind the worst of the heavy winds which were blowing yesterday. Roughly in the same position Francois Gouin on Kawan3 Unicancer must have thought a jet was flying by as the Ultim overtook him at over 30 knots of speed. Riccardo Tosetto, to the north west is near the Swan 53 Triana.
    Amazing to see three events in the same waters rounding Cape Horn at the same time!

    Marco Nannini
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