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  • Ronnie Gets Into The Clear

    Final depression down south in this race for @shipyardbrewing, and it ended up being quite a nice day of sailing. Thanks to help from my weather router @racing_the_wind_photos i managed to get well positioned to avoid the worst of what had the ingredients to be a very treacherous system, not unlike the one that rolled and dismasted a boat in the last Golden Globe Race, in a similar location.

    By getting far enough north, I just skirted the edges of the really big breeze and seas, and by managing to get just enough east, I reached the drop-off of the continental shelf, which means I still saw some nasty waves but they weren’t actually dangerous. It’s still windy out but getting less so, and now it’s again an all-out race to avoid a depression forming off Uruguay in a few days.

    My weather scenario up the Atlantic has been significantly less favorable than that of my competitors - i got pretty screwed - but that’s out of my hands. This South Atlantic ocean in the @globalsolochallenge has been by far the most complex routing and sailing of my life. Another tough week or so likely lies ahead, and then it’s back to the tradewinds!

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