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Sailing Into History: Cole Brauer's Awe Inspiring Voyage

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  • Sailing Into History: Cole Brauer's Awe Inspiring Voyage

    "Cole Brauer finishes the Global Solo Challenge!

    Her first, and a world's first, around the world solo female American non stop racing!

    A truly incredible achievement and completed by an incredibly capable sailor and prepared team.
    It is taking a while to process what she has just done and will continue to take time to realise the reality. But she certainly joins a small club of people who set out to do this and a smaller group still who complete it. Huge amounts of admiration, relief and joy for what has been accomplished today!"

    James Tomlinson
    Marine Photographer: First Light Media

    Cole Brauer greeted by her parents upon Arrival at A Coruna, Spain Becoming the 1st American Woman to complete a solo, nonstop around the world race

    Cole Brauer, 29 years old, entering the Ria da Coruna in North Eastern Spain at 1st Light, March 7th 2020

    Dockside joy and a cup of Joe

    The joy of successfully completing the 4 month, around the world voyage!

    Cole's Class 40' sailing vessel, First Light, finishing at dawn, the day before International's Women's Day

    "Cole Brauer becomes the first US female to sail solo nonstop around the world

    Today at 07:23 UTC, 8:23 am local time, Cole Brauer took second place in the Global Solo Challenge after Philippe Delamare and became the first US female to sail solo, nonstop, around the world, by the three great capes. Less than 200 people achieved this feat since Sir Robin Knox-Johnston became the first man to do so in 1969.

    Kay Cottee was the first female to complete a solo circumnavigation in 1988. Cole Brauer is the 18th female and first US female to enter the history books for one of the toughest sporting endeavours there are.

    She took 130 days 2 hours 45 minutes and 38 seconds, setting a new reference time for a solo circumnavigation on a 40ft boat improving by around 7 days the previous record set by the late Guo Chuan in 2016.

    It was a long and emotional day which started well before sunrise after a sleepless night monitoring Cole's progress, meeting her at sea, watching her sail at First Light into A Coruna and celebrating her outstanding achievement. Well done Cole!"

    Marco Nannini

    Global Solo Challenge

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    Nicely done! Bravo!