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    Boris Herrmann (Malizia – Seaexplorer) and Charlie Dalin (MACIF Sante Prevoyance) took off in the second edition of the New York Vendee – Les Sables d'Olonne. These two managed to get to the front of the low pressure front yesterday while the rest of the fleet did not succeed. Thus, while they are racing on reaching at an average of 15 to 20 knots, their competitors, who are moving full downwind, with a wind which tends to stabilize but which remains very irregular, continue to look for the best path to reach the arrival. Several choices present themselves to them. It remains to be decided and as it stands, given the very unusual situation in the North Atlantic, nothing is less simple. As a result, the gaps will continue to widen between them and the two escapees.

    “ Boris and Charlie managed to cross the front and went far away. For our part, we are just behind but we will never catch up. We are therefore waiting to know a little more about our fate and how the future will happen for us ,” explained Benjamin Dutreux (GUYOT environment – ​​Water Family), this Monday at midday. , during the official session. In fact, it remains unclear. In question ? An unusual situation to say the least in this season in the North Atlantic, with depressions which remain stuck in the western part of the ocean and which therefore do not circulate at all. “ An anticyclone is positioned near Greenland and another is located near the Canaries. Generally, there is only one in the middle ,” explained Christian Dumard, the weather consultant for the event. The result is a huge mess that has been going on for several days already, and a real headache for the sailors who are forced to make compromises. To constantly adapt with files that spend their time contradicting each other then options that open and then close from one day to the next. “ It's a bit complicated and you have to regularly adjust your approach ,” added Benjamin who, after spending some time in the south, finally returned to the north yesterday afternoon and tonight.

    “ I was going to go diving and then it opened up again towards the north. The conditions being quite “crappy”, I decided to shoot myself in the foot and get closer to the group. I am now stuck behind, but that gives me opportunities to come back in small doses. It was, in my opinion, a little too risky to go off alone in a corner without really knowing what was going to happen ,” explained the Sablais who is currently prance around ten miles behind the pack led by Sam Goodchild (VULNERABLE) and Jeremie Beyou (Charal). A group of ten boats which today are more than 300 miles behind the two leaders. And for good reason, while Boris Herrmann and Charlie Dalin are racing along, propelled by a south-easterly flow blowing between 15 and 20 knots, the bulk of the pack is progressing downwind carried by a less sustained westerly wind, but also and above all quite irregular, even if it is significantly less unstable than a few hours ago. “ Until last night, we still had plenty of grain. We had to remain vigilant and constantly monitor the settings in the cockpit. Since this morning, it's a little more stable. This allows you to finally rest a little after this particularly complicated start to the race. This also allows us to look at the future, which for the moment still remains very uncertain ,” said Kojiro Shiraishi (DMG MORI Global One) who has also just fallen back into the peloton. “In this delicate period, we obviously observe each other a lot. For my part, I remain attentive to what others are doing or going to do, but above all I will try to do what is best for me and for my boat ,” underlined the Japanese.

    In total, three main options emerge. The first, to the north, should only be taken by Boris Herrmann. It goes back above the latitude of northern Scotland (!) and all in all involves some risks, notably that the road closes during the descent, with the anticyclone which could settle on Ireland in weekend. The second is in the middle and is the one followed by Charlie Dalin. The third passes through the south of the Azores. If it promises to be played with relatively little wind and a lot of upwind, it nevertheless seems the most likely for the bulk of the fleet. “ It’s still moving a lot. So it still has time to change many times! ", assures Christian Dumard who would almost lose his Latin as the general situation is so confusing. So much so that he is very cautious when discussing ETAs (estimates of arrival times). “ To date, we can envisage seeing the first ones arriving on the line on the evening of the 8th or more probably on the 9th in the morning. As for the following, it should be June 10 or even 11. ” For everyone, the road is still long and there are many challenges to play. This scenario is obviously not to displease some, starting with Manuel Cousin (Coup de Pouce). The latter managed to solve his autopilot, struck down in a storm. He now intends to pick up the score. “ I’m going to do everything I can to catch up with my friends. Nothing is lost because they are ultimately not that far away despite the 24 hours I lost stopping to repair. I managed to make one out of two. It took a lot of work but it worked and I got back to running. The main thing is there! ", Said the navigator who knows that the situation opens up the possibility of launching attacks. “ It is very possible that those behind choose to stand out. This will definitely recreate the match! ", concluded Clarisse Cremer (L’Occitane en Provence).

    On day 5 of the race, the fleet was divided, with the northerners gaining a little more wind and therefore speed, but heading for latitudes worthy of a Vendee Arctique, unlike the southerners who were tearing their hair out with routings that had no reliable forecasts for the next few days.
    Manuel Cousin is back in the race, having managed to repair his automatic pilots after being struck by lightning.

    Check out this incredible photo captured by Kojiro Shiraishi an impressive marine spout is spotted near Eric Bellion boat!
    This Sunday, New York Vend?e reminds us how unpredictable the sea can be. The 28 skippers are facing extreme weather. Stormy conditions including the cost of Manuel Cousin IMOCA Coup de Pouce The skipper was indeed struck by lightning last night, causing damage to his flying equipment.

    The race is marked by extreme weather conditions that disrupt all known patterns. Skippers face capricious winds, constantly changing direction, forcing them to maneuver endlessly.

    Manuel Cousin IMOCA Coup de Pouce was struck by lightning, forcing it to temporarily stop the race for repairs. Nicolas Lunven of Team Holcim-PRB also had difficulties breaking his outside.

    Despite these challenges, Charlie Dalin and Boris Herrmann Racing maintain their position at the top of the race, demonstrating incredible resilience and determination.

    Day 5 // 2 June 2024 - 17:41 UTC

    "Hello guys, cheers from the boat! We are through the light wind zone into the good winds from the South. It was actually pretty tricky to find them, that was last evening. Then through the early night, we created quite a situation with Charlie Dalin but I was really keen to stay ahead, in front at all costs, and go as fast as possible. I spoke with Nico Lunven when he was a bit closer to the boat, we saw each other a few times but we spoke more about whether he was watching out. I didn't want to crash, especially near the waypoint. We were so close to each other that I called him twice to ask whether he was watching, and that I also wanted to gybe because the wind was super unstable, with a risk of us being to close together.

    The unstable conditions are challenging. Now, it's a bit more settled but very rough. So we deal with that, always the same thing. I'm monitoring Charlie Dalin on the tracker, looking at his speed. We are now on different paths, nothing we can do about it, I'm a little bit split about it. On one hand, I would love to sail next to someone, to have the direct competition which is always nice, but on the other hand, I think we are doing a good show, we make the race interesting with two large options, and I think that the race is still long and lots of things can happen. It's super unclear what will come out of this.

    I feel mentally and physically okay after the first third of the race. I hope to recover more tonight, from all the action of the last days. It was really full-on and now it's more about holding on than manoeuvres. So if I'm lucky I don't need to change too often between J2 and J3 and can let the boat do its job. Cheers!"

    Boris yesterday: “We are now on different paths, nothing we can do about it, I’m a little bit split about it. On one hand, I would love to sail next to someone, to have the direct competition which is always nice, but on the other hand, I think we are doing a good show, we make the race interesting with two large options, and I think that the race is still long and lots of things can happen. It’s super unclear what will come out of this.”

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