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    So there I was...minding my own bidness and getting the Red Snapper loaded for a day on the bay and this vaguely familiar,bearded guy pulls up in his pick-em up truck, gathers his things and heads down the dock. Looks way too organized to be a regular...

    Odd I think...then as I got my cart down the ramp I notice this bright yellow and orange wide beamed boat sticking out of a slip across the way...Well looky there, it's Phil and WAFI!

    Turns out that Redwood Slough was just too far a hitch and they moved the boat a tad closer to deeper water and longer fetches....Later Ronnie showed after his Bike ride from the Daly City Bart Station (Avoiding cars at some of those intersections would be challenge unto its own) Any how got a good look at Phil's sweet Carbon Fiber
    Mini and a chance to yap it up a bit.

    When I got back from my day they were STILL working on it and getting ready for another test at 5:30 PM off the went...just as the weather started to get funky...

    Phil just brought the boat up from Texas and he and Ronnie are gonna figure this Mini thing out together, doing some double handed races along the way. If I remember right, Phil's planning on the Single Handed Farallones and Long Pac and getting ready for the SSS Singhlanded Trans Pac in 2012, and Ronnie's saving his pennies and looking to score himself a Mini!!! Ronnie's doing rigging these days, so if you someone to splice your lines or climb your stick, Give him a holler!Contact

    And if you have been living under a rock and don't know who Ronnie is, Try reading this!

    Hoping to coordinate some shooting of WAFI and get a little more detail on the boat
    and it unique features..Stay tuned
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery

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    Hey - wait a minute - is that Oyster P?


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      It might be?

      So our sail last night.

      Like PB said we left about 17:30. During all the work on the boat the water ballet scoop got pushed down in the flood position. Literally after five minutes of sailing we took on a LOT of water! Not a terrible thing except the ballast tanks aren't quite done yet!
      There were two positions on the boat, driver and pumper. We switched off.
      Luckily we realized that we were flying the BIG kite backwards and that's why it wouldn't trim! haHa!
      What we learned:
      Don't sink boat again.
      Don't fly big kite backwards again.
      Six hours of work on the boat equals one hour of sailing.

      Loving it all so far...
      life is a reach_/) _/)


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          Cool - I'll trade you rides sometime - I'm down on 12 dock. One of the 2 sister Contour 34 trimarans.

          You should plan on the beer cans out of Brisbane this summer. Another great excuse to get out on the water.


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            we were too busy pumping to take pics of the backwards spinnaker. Next time.
            what night are the beer cans on? I'll be racing the Wednesday nights out of Redwood City on my old Sail a Vie.
            And, yes I would like a ride on the Contour.
            life is a reach_/) _/)


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              Last year, and years prior, were on Tuesdays. It can get WINDY. Even better, not usually WLs, very short W leg, followed by reaches or runs out to the main channel, a reach up or down that, tight reach back home.

              Then a bbq over at the Sierra Point YC.


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                Cool! Thanks for the info. Don't know how long we'll be around, want to dry sail her but need a trailer. There's one in the works, we'll see. But if I'm around that would be great. Tuesdays at Brisbane, Wednesday's at Redwood City and Fridays at South Beach. Then race on the weekends. Yep. Drop by when your there.
                life is a reach_/) _/)