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Big Daddy and Spring Dinghy Regattas

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  • Big Daddy and Spring Dinghy Regattas

    Weekend Wrap Up

    The sun shone bright on the SF Bay on Saturday, despite the official weather prognosticators had predicted and breezes were ample for the two major events, the StFYC Spring Dinghy and RYC’s Big Daddy Regattas. On the City Front Saturday, new Race Director Robbie Dean was baptized with a big morning flood as he directed the 8 classes and 63 boats . Lasers were in force with 3 fleets, The 4.7 with 7 boats, Radials with 10 and Standard with 18 in attendance, gearing up for World Championships coming up in late July and August. Stephen Bourdow used up 3 bullets to nip Russ Silvestri , 6 point to 8 with 5 races in the Standard Division .

    Dave Berntsen continues to beat up the rest of the 9 boat strong WETA class, leveraging two aces and a pair of deuces for 6 points compared to Bob Hyde’s, Alan Prussia and Gordon Lyon’s 11’s, a 3 way tie.

    Also sailing was a 3 boat 29er fleet, won easily by Max Fraiser and Patrick Tara, who had to discard a bullet and still had but 4 points in 5 races. The 505 fleet scrounged up but 4 boats, which is no surprise as the Worlds are to be held shortly at Hamilton Island on the NE coast of Australia. Tim Murphy Copenhaven also had a pair of deuces and aces in the their hand and sailed away with a 6 point to 8 point victory over Jeff Miller and Mike Smith.

    The 7 boat Finn class was settled with a 4 to 9 point schooling by Vladimir Butenko with 4 1sts and a 3rd. Also in attendance were a ½ dozen Club 420’s. Drake Jensen and Erica Quinn squeaked out a 14 to 16 win over Mark Power’s 16 in a shortened 3 race completed series, with one fleet wide DNF in race 2

    Score Sheet

    Over on the Berkeley Flats, the RYC ‘s annual Big Daddy entertain two courses on Saturday and slogged through the soggy mist in Sunday Bay Tour. On the South Hampton ( OC) course, Express 27s, Wylie Wabbits, Open5.70’s. Ultimate 20’s , Olson 25’s and the G fleet of PHRFs. The 8-12 knot breeze, hazy sun and flat waters combined with 3 Sausage Links were just enuf to help shake of the winters rust before heading back to the barn for some foot stomping 80’s music and prime rib. As discussed in the Open Season article, the 9 boat strong 5.70 fleet provided the largest one design group, and even assist the RC with mark pulling duties!

    In the Express 27’s Steve Katzman Drove “Dianne” to a 3 to 9 victory over Elise. Tom Burden did Eric Clapton proud with his 4 to 5 point squeaker in “Layla “over Michael Eisnberg’s “Toon Town”. Erik Menzel had a Good Hair Day on his Wabbit as he tied Sarah Deed’ s” Jack “7-7. 6 Olson 25’s danced and Nesrin Basoz got the girl and the roses with a 4 – 6 decision on “Sweet Ness” over Tom Blaggs “Pearl” and Gordie Nash was just warming up as he proved a modified Santana 27 named “Arcadia “was the right tool for the job, edging out Don Taylors J-24 “ On Belay”5-6.

    The bigger boats demand bigger, well deeper water and played closer to the Berkeley Pier with a mile long W/L course know as the” Deep Water Course”. Sailing was tight as the fleets of J-105’s, Express 37s and 4 PHRF fleets converged in the middle. A preponderance of Port Tackers in race 2 made thing interesting for the RC.

    “Bufflehead’s” Scott Stuart reflects: Most fun causing huge reliance on my "Depends" were the weather mark roundings on Saturday. The current was ripping, everybody screwing up the layline and tacking onto port into line of starboard boats some fetching the mark and some not. Had to use my mute button on my hearing aids. Missed the mark by, I am not kidding, 2-3 inches on two roundings. Only made it because we over trimmed the main punching the bow up, pushing the stern closer to the mark. Now chant " don't release the jib, DON''T RELEASE THE JIB!" followed by, "Dump the main!" as the mark slides toward the hull at mid cockpit...... bow goes down on the other side of the mark, stern boings up...... missed the mark. Oh, and there was the rail crew discussing the need for room with the boats to weather, LOUDLY, whilst, (I like that word, makes me feel all British Commonwealth like), .....ahem, whilst pulling their legs up to avoid smearing the boat with leg paste.

    When all the excitement was done Kame Richards had Da Kine Day and used two 2 and an ace to edge Bob Harford on “Stewball” in the Express 37’s> Tome Kennelly eeked out a 4-5 win aboard “Wonder “over Roxanne. Sydney 38 “ Bustin Loose” got with it, slipping past Brod Copper’s TNT and Sy Kleinmans Swiftsure in PHRF B. John Wimer was the only J-120 reprresenting, but represent he did with 3 bullets in PHRF D on Desdemona. In PHRF D, Dean Treadway and Gerry Brown had to share the 7 point tie, but Sweet Okole’s 2 aces gave him the nod over Mintaka 4. Flexi Flyer flew two a triple ace win in PHRF F’s 7 boat fleet.

    Big Daddy Saturday

    Sunday's pursuit race turned out to be all in favor of the clockwise sailors, and the small boat with the big handicap were able squirt out before the weather got sticky. “ Post nasal drip” was used to describe the conditions and a band of moisture worked its way on shore. The breeze in the early going was a consistent 8-12 out of the south, but as the front meandered in, large shifts and squirrely currents made things tough for the low raters. Gordie Nash, on Arcadia, fresh off a nice day on Saturday , was the 1st of 80 boats to finish the 10.4 mile course aound Alcatraz and Angel Island. The top 4 boats were all of the less then 27’ variety, with Tom Baffico’s “The Maker” and Open 5.70 took 2nd and Ultimate 20’s "Breakaway" and "Toon Town" taking 3rd and 4th.

    Sunday Pursuit
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