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SBYC Snowbird Series Final Race March 19th

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  • SBYC Snowbird Series Final Race March 19th

    Final race in the winter series coming up this Saturday. It's also the PMYC/SBYC Challenge Cup day. three way tie in Class B, does PS have a mast yet?

    Below is the "un-official" series standings...

    Class Total Boat
    A 8 Breeze
    A 8 Grayling
    A 10 Epiphany
    A 12 Frog Prints
    A 13 Tehanu
    A 14 Loon

    B 10 Perfectly Strange
    B 10 Quorum
    B 10 Tenacious
    B 11 Mata Hari
    B 15 Sputnik
    B 18 Rev
    B 19 Lady Too
    B 20 Sea Trek II
    B 21 Backslider
    B 21 Celtic Breeze
    B 21 Little Blue Dune Buggy
    B 21 Zap

    C 16 USAWI
    C 17 Shoot the Moon
    C 19 Kowloon
    C 21 Bravo Zulu
    C 23 Bergen Viking
    C 27 Corvo
    C 27 Delirium
    C 30 Fearful Symmetry
    C 30 Last Tango
    C 33 Muffin
    C 33 Outlaw
    C 33 Sling Shot
    C 38 Skededel
    C 40 Distance
    C 41 Beltane
    C 44 Izakiah
    C 45 SeaDuced
    C 45 Summer Light
    A little disorganization goes a long way toward fun sailing.