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  • Newport Cabo 2011

    14 boats in division C & D get there advanced start tomorrow off of Newport Pier and on their heels will be 15 additional boats from Division A & B in the annual run for Margi's and the finish line at Cabo Falso. The Criminals are always a threat to correct out over the larger boats in their division, but can they hold off Dr Laura and her new Kernan 46" Katana" or the talented crew on Frank Slootman's new J-111 " Invisible Hand"? Can any of the Div A boats set a new record? Will it be a drift fest? Stay tuned!

    24 Hour Forecast

    48 Hour Forecast

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    Go Criminals!


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      I see Yippie Kai Yah is a Class 40, curious as to why California Condor isn't competing. Seems there is
      and opportunity for the class to build momentum if they compete in events together.


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        3 hours in, Class C & D leaders emerge

        15:00 readings, Class C&D reporting

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          Locked and Loaded

          Criminal is locked, loaded and ready to point south. Unfortunately, south looks to be upwind for at least two days. Not our best point of sail unless it keeps under 6kts.

          A lot of the pre-race conversation has focused on Katana and her potential. Rumors of 10.3s tight reaching in 8kts true had several of us looking worried, but one frantic cell phone call to Kernan made us confident that those numbers were a bit high. Rio is going to be a new look for us as well, and our impression is that late-generation TP52 designs are going to push us hard.

          Our advantages are a cohesive team of sailors who have won on everything from 18 ft skiffs to mini-maxis. We have a boat that we feel we know well.

          From yesterday on the conversation shifted from the competition to the weather. This is not a typical Cabo race and may well end up looking more like a Sydney/\Hobart: Sunday may well be 20 on the nose with a contrary 15 ft northwest swell. "Confused seaway" is probably an understatement, "treacherous and violent" may be closer to the truth.

          Later stages of the course look more like the normal program, but with a cut off low sitting astride the rhumbline, what actual develops is very hard to really predict.

          Upwind against the big boys will be tough for us, but the race can be won during the fight through the transition zone to the NW clearing wind.

          I'm sure many would love to be with us, but come Sunday night make sure you enjoy your warm dry bed a little bit extra!

          Joe Penrod
          Criminal bowman and defense counsel
          " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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            Lots of Chicago boys on Condor....I expect there to be a few chunks in their wake....


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              Division C & D Update 03/19

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                All photos courtesy
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                  5:00 PM March 19 Updates


                  Slow going on the nose for Division A and B, doing between 3 and 5 knots, not much separation, so labeling would be problematic. Mayhem appears to have a slight lead followed by Rio and Katana. Pelgroso leads the pack head towards shore, followed by Condor and OEX. Rebel Yell is the outermost boat

                  D and C are quite happy to have wind on the stern, not heaps of pressure, but certainly better conditions than the big boys!
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                    Rebel Yell and Pendragon Retire

                    Lates NOAA Infrqared Satellite

                    Bouyweather Forecast

                    The Saturday start was in light conditions with 10kts out of the west at 270. The B class comprised of the sleds, TP52s and Dr Laura's new Kernan 47 took off on a beam reach 10 minutes before the A class streaked across the line with Bella Mente taking the lead at the gun in the big boats and NHYC's own David Team taking the start in the B class aboard his TP52 Rebel Yell.

                    The weather conditions will prove very challenging Saturday through Monday. The first indication of the changing WX conditions has already ocurred with the A and B classes sailing into a big shift less than 14 miles from the starting line. In the first hour they have gone from a 10-12kt westerly to a light southerly. The expectation is a weather leg now extending past Ensenada with increasing pressure through the night from the South. Tactics will call for a decision to split from the fleet and take a flyer closer to shore with lighter maximum winds predicted. The winds offshore are building, but will continue to head the fleet on the right side of the course.

                    Down the course, the Class C and D boats who started Friday have averaged 8-10 kts over the course for the first day, but are heading into a hole at Cedros Island expeced Sunday middday due to the low pressure weather system approaching So Cal Sunday. The winds halfway down the course appear to be softening in advance of the approaching low and slowly heading the C and D fleet.. It is possible that the C and D classses will be leaving the lights on and the door open for the A and B classes to arrive on their transom doors on Monday morning in the vicinity of Cedros Island with westerlies building on Monday afternoon for the fleet.

                    Stay posted ... looks like a very tricky first few days and the winner will be the one who manages these weather systems and wind transitions best.

                    Dwight Belden
                    Principle Race Officer
                    1540 hrs SAT 19MAR2011

                    • ‎0600 position reporst are coming into the Race Office quickly. Rebell Yell (TP52) has RETIRED, and indicated everyone aboard is fine.

                    Before Roll Call, The A and B classes are off Rosarito Beach (the scene of many beachside debacles while surfing in Mexico) and the expected fleet split in Class B has occurred with Rebel Yell approximately 50 miles west of the fleet taking advantage of the wind shift on the right side of the course and heading into increased pressure expected from the advancing front. Rebel Yell probably will encounter stronger winds first and will be lifted on starboard tack as the front approaches and the rest of Class B and all of Class A are near the beach and staying close to the Rhumb line, but are within 250 NM of Classes C and D.

                    Meanwhile, approximately 450 miles from the finish, the C and D classes are approaching Cedros Island with its tricky wind and currents. This fleet has stayed closely grouped with Blue Blazes leading the fleet around this crucial turning mark. As they make the turn towards Cabo, the advancing front will leave this group with some strange choices.

                    According to the first morning's official position report at 6:00 AM PDT Saturday, March 19, the C and D fleets in the 2011 Cabo Race are enjoying fast, close racing. Boat speeds are ranging from 8-10 knots for boats in the C fleet and 8-9 knots for most of the boats in the D fleet. Scrappy contender Relentless (Sunfast 3200), the smallest boat in the fleet, is humming along at 7 knots.

                    Shortly after 2:00 AM, just southwest of Ensenada, Bad Pak and Yippee Kai Yay jibed eastward toward the rhumbline and land. Shortly thereafter, the SC 52 Relentless followed suit to cover. As of the morning report, those three boats were apparently continuing to work their way back to the rhumbline in a narrow pocket of stronger, 15-knot breeze.

                    The majority of the C & D pack, however, remained farther offshore, following a classic strategy of staying closer to the coming breeze. According to the race course report provided by, sea conditions in the area are 8-10 foot swells from the northwest, with wind ranging from 10-15 knots from the north-northwest. The conditions seem nearly ideal for downwind surfing. Pressure appears to be fairly consistent across the narrow racetrack paralleling the western coast of the Baja peninsula. At this point, it seems to be more of a tactical race about position than about mining uniquely rich veins of wind.

                    All boats will pass the 600-nm-to-go milestone in this 800-nm race later today, with leaders Horizon, Locomotion, and Blue Blazes surpassing it in mere hours. At the 500-nm line, most boats will have already committed to pass outside Isla Cedros, so we can expect the fleet to consolidate as they set up for that first major turning point outside of Turtle Bay.

                    • ‎0900 Pendragon VI has RETIRED and is returning to San Diego. Peter Isler reports all on board are well and safe.
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                      Sunday AM Position Reports

                      Divisions A & B have made slow process overnight, Pendragon and Rebel Yell have
                      opted for retirement. Bella Mente and Akela have used waterlength to their advantage to lead "A". Things are much tighter in "B" where only 17 miles seperates the front and the back of the pack!

                      Locomotion and Blue Blazes have gotten into a tacking duel in the front of "C" divison with Horizon and Relentless(46052) nipping at their heels. Invisible Hand has taken the inside track and leads "D" divison, time will tell if they played their hand correctly!
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                        Cabo updates

                        ‎‎1130: OEX is retiring from the race and present plans are to put in at San Diego.
                        A "tie rod" broke, and they do not feel it is prudent to continue the race.

                        1155: Katana is returning to San Diego and retiring from the race. Boat and crew are fine. They are aprox 85 miles from entrance to San Diego Bay.


                        Its feast or famine. Friday's's starters appear to be in very light breeze off Cedros Is., while the Saturday's starters are in big breeze, moving in the double digits, off San Vicente. Perhaps a restart when they converge?

                        OEX, my ride north, has unfortunatley turned back. I am looking for another ride north. I am a veteran of MANY dozens of trips up the Baja coast. Grand you need a 5th? Anyone?? I just called Scotty and he will try to contact Patrick


                        Update from NAOS too: "will show how it is sailing on a french boat ...
                        we had duck confit for lunch and saucisson with a fantastic Bordeaux Grand Cru that was the captain's lunch ! This race is awesome, i will advise some friends to come next year from France."
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                          4:00 PM Sunday Update

                          "There's no other way to put it: the weather gods have decided that they want to see the Cabo Race start again.

                          The morning of Sunday, March 20 opened with a dire results and a dire forecast for all five racing fleets of the 2011 Cabo Race. A huge void of still air opened west of Isla Cedros, like a gaping maw swallowing up all the ambitions of the racers in the C & D fleets. Boat speeds dropped to 4 knots...3 this what downhill distance racing is supposed to be?

                          In the meantime, the A & B fleets (with the IRC division included in B) ran into a hell of a different sort. Thirty-knot headwinds. Eight-foot following swells. The rigging singing like it's going to snap at any moment. Is what downhill distance racing is supposed to be?

                          On both fronts, the weather gods were testing the mettle of the 2011 Cabo racers. With A & B clipping along at 10-11 knots and C & D essentially stuck in molasses, everyone saw the inevitable writing on the wall. The way the race PRO, Dwight Belden, put it, "There's going to be a restart just south of Cedros." Little did he know how accurate he prediction would become.

                          As the day grew, the weather got worse on the northern end of things--including at race headquarters in Newport Beach where the rain and winds became a blustery, rafter-rattling mess. Some A & B racers facing Fastnet conditions--including Rebel Yell, Katana, OEX, and Pendragon VI--threw in the towel and emailed their retirement from the race. Meanwhile at the halfway point just southwest of Isla Cedros, the windless Baja drift grew from a 50-mile-wide buffer zone between two adjacent low-pressure systems into a 200-mile-wide chasm of despair. Some of the C & D boats have only gone 50 or 60 nautical 12 hours. As that zone has widened, the prospects for both fleets developing a breakout winner have become iffy at best.

                          At this point, any course-record attempt is long forgotten. Whereas previous predictions had the fleet finishing Tuesday and Wednesday, now all bets are off. As the A & B fleets overtake and intermingle with C & D fleets, everyone will face the same conundrum: What shamanic dance do I need to do to find better wind? Cheat in toward shore to look for a lift off the land, or head out offshore in the hope that the dead zone will rotate counterclockwise away from me?

                          Which would you choose?"
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                            pretty nasty out there

                            Belle Mente mast down, heading to port, Criminals retired also.


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                              Holua just retired