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About The Bay: Sat April 16th 2011

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  • About The Bay: Sat April 16th 2011

    Some sights from about the San Francisco Bay, Saturday, April 16 2011

    Ashley Wolfe's new to her, TP 52, (former Bigamist VI) blazes across the Central Bay

    Santana 22 "Dominatrix " looking sharp at the Island YC' Intra Club Regatta

    SFYC's Harken Opti Challenge draw competitors from near and far

    Tight class racing on the Southampton Shoal for the RYC's Big Dinghy

    Its no Deception, the BYC's Wheeler Rollo actually got the sun back after a brief disappering act

    There will be day like this. A mishap at the BVBC's Commodore's Cup results in an expensive afternoon
    for one singlehanded sailor
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    Log entry: Saturday April 16, 2011.

    Commodores Cup race. Motored against flood in light SSW wind to old public launch ramp dock in morning. Med-tied while preparing new Spectra pendants for spinnaker and staysail, restitched boltrope at 1st reef cringle. Filled out race application. All efforts at securing replacement crew failing, motored to start area.

    First Race. 5-10 kts N, NW winds. Strong ebb building.
    Nearly nailed start only needing to duck Pilot at favored pin when I tried to come in on a reach. Led most boats to windward mark, but some difficulty at windward mark resulted in two boats getting past me and much time lost. Finished third.

    Second Race. Wind building 10-15 NW. Huge ebb. Sailed up near Pier 54 while pulling down short reef, but due to sudden wind lull, attempt at getting to starting area resulted in last place start by about three minutes. Caught and passed two boats during race while allowing extra room for the other single-hander in race at last leeward mark; going outside when I should have otherwise have had right to go inside with overlap at leeward mark. Finished seventh, beating two boats.

    Third Race. Wind 15-18 WNW. Huge ebb. Hove-to between races just S of committee boat relaxing and drinking water. Boat nicely stayed in place adjacent to starting area due to opposing forces of wind and current. Gybed out to start and did reasonably well while allowing room to barger falsely demanding room at pin. While still on original close-hauled starboard tack from start suddenly noticed masthead of other single-hander's boat behind the leech of my main. Only time to utter one syllable while putting tiller all the way down before impact and loud crunching noise. (Did I mention it was loud?)

    The large wooden boat had started at other end of line and tacked onto port right into me. After coming aboard the foredeck and flattening the foredeck stanchion and base into the deck, tearing the headsail, buckling the pulpit and snapping the lifeline, the other boat's rigging clipped off my boat's port-side spreader. Dismasted with mast buckling to leeward between spreaders and mast step, and mast step breaking.
    Deployed anchor.

    My thanks go out to the other racers who swung by on the leeward leg to make sure I was okay, John Jaundzems on Kai Manu, Paul Zingaro on Pilot, Lloyd Ritchey aboard Breakout, and Sal Balestreri on Top Cat - the latter of whom came back after finishing to stand by during the mast retrieval operation in case I might go overboard due to the conditions - and special thanks also to Photoboy who happened by and documented the mishap and provided by far the greatest and invaluable support in helping me get a loop around my masthead and towing me against the strong ebb up to my anchor so I could retrieve it and then giving me a tow into calmer waters where I re-anchored.

    Surprising how different it is to get around a boat which suddenly does not have lifelines or rigging to grab while at the same time has developed a completely unfamiliar rocking characteristic due to the lack of inertial force from the mast.

    Spoke to the other fellow today and he still is more worried about his own boat than mine or the RRS, etc. And he sounds like a turnip. Protest has been filed.


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      Happy to be of what's the status now?
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        Ben Mewes and his Black Soo Mirage in the Island YC's Intra Club Regatta

        Galatea fight the building ebb in the South Bay

        The SFYC Harken Opti Challenge sported a rather massive reaching/ offset leg, nice breeze and they like
        the Island YC are quite relaxed on getting the results posted...

        Tim Russell (Weckless) \tied Kim Desenberg (Mr McGregor) 6-6 in a clutch of Wabbits, the Easter Bunny and Velvetine Rabbit
        sailed on Erik Menzels 3rd place Bad Hare Day as a show of solidarity

        The Multi Hull set had Prindles, Hobies and Nacra, with Bill Meredith and Bill Tieman on High Wire,
        A Hobie Wild Cat nipping Peter Schmalzer and his Nacra F20C 10 -12 in 4 Races.
        Gordon Lyon Tied David Anderson 9 each for bragging rights in the Weta divison

        Even with Buoy Boy trimming the kite, Mike Maloney's Express 37 Bullet managed bullets in race 1 and 2 to
        edge Golden Moon and Stewball For the Wheeler Cup Divsion win

        Jeanette leads a pack in the breezy race 2 Saturday

        Sprits are popping up everywhere, the 1-D 35 B-Line owned by Jim Hoey is another
        convert enjoying the asymetrical fun!

        Wheeler Saturday Results

        Big Dinghy Saturday Results

        The Full Galleria
        " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

 Photo Gallery


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          Originally posted by Photoboy View Post

          Happy to be of what's the status now?
          I'm either looking for a replacement mast ~30' x 5" x 3" (and also some stanchions and other stuff, like a gallon of epoxy to fix the foredeck) or a replacement boat. I'm kind of sold on the sailing characteristics of a Coronado 25. Any leads?


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            Those boats sail well - it's been a few years but I still remember. Roomy inside too.

            I'd have Buzz Ballenger build you a new rig and have the dude who hit you pay for it.