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2011 Master Mariners Regatta

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  • 2011 Master Mariners Regatta

    The Master Mariners Benevolent Association held its annual parade/regatta on the
    the SF Bay today, with 100 pre-WWII sailing craft registered in 14 classes. A visual treat for
    all and a great opportunity to see a host of these classics put through the paces.

    In a pre-start mishap, the schooner Tiger tangled with the Lapworth 36' Eventide,
    and as a result Eventides rig came crashing down right in front of the St. Francis.
    No one was injured but Eventide was also holed on the starboard side.

    The rest of the event, was, well, uneventful, even the weather gods cooperated and
    the rains which were present prior to the start gave way no pleasant sunshine before
    returning post race.

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    Bummer on the crash. Seems like everybody's doing it.


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      The starboard side of Eventide showing the damage. The the other contestant in the sparring duel, Tiger
      standing by. Photo by Johnny On The Spot, aka Seymour Dodds esq.

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        A terrible way to start a 3 day weekend. Hope the new owners can get her put back together.


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          As a wise man recently said, any mishap and dismasting of that sort that you can walk away from isn't so bad in the greater scheme of things. From the later picture, it looks like Tiger's bobstay sawed through most of Eventide's topsides. One can imagine what sort of damage that would have been done to any crew that had gotten in the way of that buzz saw.


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            A lil Master Mariners Video!

            Enjoy...and pass along!
            " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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              Originally posted by Photoboy View Post

              Enjoy...and pass along!
              Very nice, thanks for sharing!


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                Whole sordid affair