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2011 Spring Invitational Regatta- or where did the OD racing go?

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  • 2011 Spring Invitational Regatta- or where did the OD racing go?

    2011 Spring Invitational Regatta
    The regatta is open to the following fleets: J/120, J/105, Express 37, and Melges 24

    6 – J-120’s
    12 – J-105’s
    4 – Express 37’s
    5 – Melges 24’s

    Is this what is left of OD sailing fleets on the bay these days? Don’t get me wrong I have been sailing with the 120’s for 6+ years and have had a blast but it seems to me the growth stopped about 2 years ago and now the decline is starting. Even the #’s for the 105’s are way down. Why? Is it the economy? Lack of crew? An elitists attitude scheduling an “Invitational Regatta” head to head against one of the more popular races of the season? Is the learning curve to steep so no fun to break into a new fleet? Would a new boat such as the J-111 be the answer?

    I really don’t have the answers but while the 27 of us are off racing in our own little “Invitational Regatta” there will be 126+ of you racing up to Stockton! I know where I will be next year!!!

    Oh well only 2 more weeks to the Coastal Cup…………………………….

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    Event coordinators need to pay attention to other event timing, especially ones which have been around for quite some time.


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      Damm I hope this was the last mid-winters race of the season!!!1st race rain no wind,2nd race some rain chase the wind and 3rd race wind and some sun..........


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        Was kinda fun after a while. Best sailing of the day was the fast reach from finish 3 to the club.

        Nice by the fire with old friends and some new ones. Don't be such a stranger WD the Desy crew won"t hurt you. Ronnie found out.

        Feeling bad for the DDR guys but congrats to the Wild Card bunch.


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          Yes it did turn out to be an enjoyable weekend of racing. That was a fun run back to the club Sat! I would have stopped by the fire for a bit but I had to scurry home to help out with a carnival at my daughter’s school. I’ll make it a point to have some drinks with the desy group at the next regatta!!!


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            This is exactly what I was talking about……………We get a nice month + break and that is great a chance to do some Ocean and D/H sailing but then it’s back to…………………….


            J/120, Express 37, and J/105 and


            August 13-14, 2011

            NOTICE OF RACE

            Ooooh the “North American championship” I am willing to bet it’s the same 6 120’s the same 4 E37’s and not much change in the 105 fleet either!!!!!


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              I think we'll be back to 6 in August War Dog. We had 5, and Stewball went to Stockton. It would be nice to get Snowy Owl out again. Rumor has it that a couple of the SoCal Expresses might come north for the BBS. We'll see.


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                Someone should light a fire under my mom’s BF (try saying that without throwing up a bit!!) ass and get him to put some love and $$ back into his boat and come out and play with you guys!!!

                I mean seriously all the boat need is new Standing rigging, Running rigging and Sails…………..well after that a good diet and a scrub oh yea life lines I seem to remember that some new ones might be a good idea also!!!