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  • Summer Sailstice Interview

    Latitude 38's John Arndt Talks about Summer Sailstice ~It's not the size of the website, it's how you use it! ~

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    Some clicks from Saturday, mostly the YRA HDA/Sailstice race and the RYC's members
    only Barabary Coast Regatta, which some boats were registered for boat. Seymor Dodds
    was on Quiver which won the Barbary Coast Regatta Results and files this report:

    Quiver flies by on the way the 1st in divsion and Lobster feed

    Onboard the winning boat, a bucket provided the only clean flat writing surface.

    It was fun in a Gary Clifford sense, “serious fun is hard work” For the kind of hiking Tina, the bow ballerina, had us doing on Quiver(N-M36) ---outside the upper, inside the lower stick your hands out and balance on 1 outer 1” of your butt--- , I need a butt that sticks out a little further. & yes that butt almost slid off the rail several times in those sudden lulls off Yellow Bluff. Quiver which covered the RYC Blackaller-RYC course in 1:54. Breeze, Flood tide race favored a long waterline and weatherly boat and tactician steve Wonner banged two corners Blunt and at Yellow Bluff & got terrific tidal relief particularly on the puffy and lully Marin shore. & when you can pop off 14 knots on the reach home from Alcatraz well that just more Bay “Woo-hoo!” which isn’t quite the equivalent of an ocean “EEEEE_YOwwww” but on a 20 knot breeze it will have to do.

    The cruising division was dominated by the Alerion Expresses. Before the race I would have said, “just engrave the cruise division trophy with Ralphie’s name “ Saturday Nancy Pettengil beat Ralph Morgan. Nobody beats Ralph except maybe in this instance where Ralph beat Ralph. After Blunt Ralph tacked too early. Ralph wanted to go back but kept getting lifted.He wasn’t alone looks like lots other boats headed to the City front as soon as they could clear Alcatraz… not a good move.Yet another Alerion was third and 4th was still another one.

    After Blunt B-Line took themselves out of it by pointing up too high which killed their speed then they tacked in the middle of the river In second place for the spinnaker boats was the WylieCat30 Sylke which even if she hadn’t fouled Lilith at the start & done the excupiatory turns, wasn’t going to catch Quiver. Giving up about 6’ of waterline is still 6’ you don’t have. Sheeba The Quinns (Mike and Linda), a racy C&C 30, squeeked out third place by 4 seconds over the WylieCat 39 Lilith. And yes Lilith’s owners Tim and Karin Knowles can find the missing skin on several teeth. Tim’s used to tight finishes. He won his division in last month’s SSS Farallones by only 6 seconds & was third overall.

    Olga and Alma out for the weekend

    Daniel Alverez's JS900 Jetstream on their way to another victory

    Bruce Frolich's SC 40 Defiance enjoys the brisk breeze

    Erik Menzels Bad Hare Day had a good day

    Chris Kim Ultimate 24 Vuja De was reported as not competing, yet here they are?

    Sailstice, Barbary Coast, and More pics

    YRA HDA Results
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      Centomiglia at the HDA Spring 3 (Sailstice) race in san Francisco. June 18th, 2011.
      From Berkeley Circle to Harding Rock twice, and finish behind TI.

      Thanks Fabio! ~It's not the size of the website, it's how you use it! ~


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        A little JetStream writeup. We duked it out with Fabio's Tiger and the 1D35.