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Encinal YC introduces a Sports Boat division to its Jack Frost Midwinters

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  • Encinal YC introduces a Sports Boat division to its Jack Frost Midwinters

    “The Encinal YC in Alameda, CA cordially invites sportboats one and all to come on out and race in our Jack Frost Midwinter Race Series. To get your own sportboat start, all you need to do is show up with at least 5 sportboats. And by sportboats, we mean boats like the JS9000, Vipers, Open 5.7, Shaw's, FT10, the various Melgi, get the picture. We're going to start you guys together and give you a race experience that DOES NOT involve mixing it up and racing against symmetrically equipped boats. If any one sportboat class, e.g. the 5.7's shows up with 5 OD boats, then we'll also give them their own OD start. It can't get any easier.

    We set marks in the YRA 10 area of the Bay, near the Berkeley Pier, and are ready and more than willing to provide the sport boat sailors on SF Bay a sport boat racing experience. The two race days are scheduled for the Saturdays: November 19, January 21, February 25 and March 24. Encinal’s hoist will be made available for your Fleet’s use and skippers are welcome to leave boats alongside our docks Friday and Saturday nights of the race weekends. Further, should some of your boats not be equipped with motors, Encinal’s Race Committee will offer towing to and from the race area. So sign up often, and sign up early. We look forward to seeing all of you on the line on November 19!”

    Direct Link to Sport Boats at Jack Frost
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