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SF Bay 2011 The Year In Review....

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  • SF Bay 2011 The Year In Review....

    Here we go....been rummaging through heaps of disorganized files and in no particular order, although I'll attempt to keep seasons together..sorta....

    The Cup arrives at SFO! Let the madness begin!

    The Cup visits City Hall for the 1st time, Team Oracle revive a hero's welcome from the packed house of fans and media

    The Gavonator provides Larry with a key to the Mayors Palace...

    Sean invites PB aboard Daisy Cutter for a midwinter's...swears off sailing entirely shortly thereafter

    A filmed and transcribed interview with Paul Cayard for Seahorse, This is the last we see of Paul's mustache...

    New neighbors at the marina, they don't know what they are in for...

    A big turn out for the 3BF, weather is nicerer at start. Boats are divided on which way to go

    More 3BF silliness and the weather rolls in right on cue

    Doug Bailey on Akula has the right idea, hand off the responsibility to Caspian

    Caspian collects his 1st of what is certain to be a lifetime full of bling.
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    Peter Lyons and his wheels

    Jon Gutoff of Nor Cal Sailing braves the high seas in his mighty RIB. Christine worries from shore.

    Dogzilla arrives at Pier 80

    The boat which won the 33rd Americas Cup is kept under tight wraps

    Rumor of AC45s brings the riff-raff and hillbillies out of the woodwork

    The media descend on Pier 80 to watch the unloading. Sorry, not today.

    JK finally gets his own Secret Service Agent

    Pretty sure its a Corinthian Mid Winter, you can tell when it's winter here cause its bright and beautiful.
    Summers cold and dreary.

    More of the same, me thinks...

    Mama said there would be days like this...
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      Peter Stonebergs "Shadow" out with some lucky guests. Rig was busted in a capsize later this spring
      in the Ditch Run, a very ugly affair the Ditch was this year!

      I think this was the SSS Corinthian Double Date Regatta. Daniel's date was so ugly he/she had to wear a mask
      to keep the rig from falling down.

      These folks really should learn to relax....

      More J-Fest fun. You can tell its still spring cause the suns out.

      Bobby the J, or Bob-J or Jay-Bob coming back from an Ocean Race, I think it was crewed
      cause he's not alone.

      Caspian and the Old man in the Double date race we talked about before. Caspian doesn't
      make his date wear a mask.

      Here they come again, this time Caspian show's pops how its done.

      Tatitana on her way to winning the DH Lightbucket over all 1st 2 F and the Mutihull division

      Philippe's old open 50 taking 1st in mono division

      Ocelot coming in from something. Come to think of it, it may have been 2010.....oooooopppssss
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        More SS Corinthian, Very pretty skies. Thank you!

        The 5.70's don't care where they sail, this time in the South Bay with EYC. They get around.

        Richard VonEhrenkrook & Paul Sutchek returing from their 1st Crewed Lightship
        aboard the mighty, mighty,......wait for it...

        Always Friday afar

        Always Friday near

        Greg nelsEn and crew claim right of way

        Summer Moon before she went White

        I remember thinking, hurry up now, mama's waitin...

        Hanno looking fast!
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          More pretty J-Fest Pics. See how colorful the sails are? Chicks dig bright colors!

          I think its Bernt Rand (sp?) flips for the 1st windsurfing contest at Waddell Creek in over a decade!

          Team racing, at StFYC, it's like match racing with a partner.

          It wouldn't be springtime without fearless midgets surfing down wave faces larger than they are tall
          in 30 knots of wind. Opti Heavy Weather.

          Dan with a hot babe as crew, see, he don't make HER wear a mask...

          Big Dinghy over at the RYC. These are Thistles, BTW

          Thistles are genuinely under published, so here is another shot of them

          This Cat thing is totally out of control

          Master mariners for those of you like like things old and made of wood (mostly)

          Same thing, just going the other way

          .....okay, its late...finish manaƱa, ci?
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            Good stuff thanks!
            life is a reach_/) _/)


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              Thanks PB. It was a good year. Lets see what 2012 brings.


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                Nice Job! I'd bring you a beer - but it's 9 days away till we can open them. It'd be kinda flat today.


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                  oooooppps, a little premature with the wood and Duxship, there was a Race to Vallejo in there before that...

                  This years Vallejo was one foe the slackers, as it paid to be late, with winds not switching till well
                  after the start.

                  We found a secret spot, but you have to hike far from the car to get there, a shopping cart comes in
                  usefull here. This was a real Kodak moment.

                  Not sure how deep it is here, bu more than a few boats were trenching.

                  The Napa River with it's turquoise /azure waters reminds me of tropical locales....

                  Okay, now back on track, with the Master Mariners, nothing worse than premature wood.

                  The morning started off looking grey and icky. It got really nice for a while!

                  With the Master Mariners, everyone's a winner!

                  The real race is to the EYC to get prime real estate.

                  You'll never see this again, a nice contrast of old and new. The cap is just getting set in the new span.
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                    Memorial Day weekend presents another dilemma, go out the Gate and sail to Monterey
                    in the Spinnaker Cup or go somewhere warm. If you are on a fast boat like this, you can do both.

                    June's that time of year where you can get nice NW's or not so Nice SW's

                    The nice thing with the Spinnaker Cup is that it brings people together

                    But you don't need lots of money and lots of friends to go, and with a smaller boat
                    you can trailer home.

                    After the Spinnaker Cup you are ready to soak up some of that Golden California Sunshine,
                    the Ditch Run provides that in spades. Oh look, ma nature even made things more interesting this year
                    with a little surprise!

                    Summer Sailstice happens around the Summer Solstice...and then there are other regattas that weekend too...

                    This year we had much to celebrate on the longest days of the year!

                    Everyone's getting into the little strut up front

                    The moto that Fast IS Fun still reigns true!

                    Still cwazy after all these years, Wylie Wabbits bring a lot of bang for the buck!
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                      Sometime in June, under the darkness of night appeared these stealth craft for the 1st time in History,

                      San Francisco and the world got a chance to see just what the machines were capable of in real wind!

                      A few lucky journalists got invites to ride along. When they got done they used a lot of words like
                      awesome, wow, cool, unreal...

                      The little opti munchkins are hard to impress

                      Chasing these off wind and shooting is a lot like trying to send a text message while
                      being hosed down in a cement mixer.

                      The speed cops were out and trying to issue citations

                      Can you imagine what its gonna be like on 72' Beasts?

                      Then the NOOD's came to town and cats were where its at!

                      Red cat , blue cat, white cat , new cat

                      Sailing out of Aquatic Park the cats had just a short hop to the starting line

                      okay... one more
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                        Back on the Circle, men and women of steel had their hands full

                        The "Circle of Pain" lived up to it's rep, one benefit this year was the RYC co-hosted as there
                        was a dock shortage at StFYC

                        The old docks load up ready to ship to somewhere else..

                        To the rescue, Robbie Dean and crew haul up some temp docks for use during rest of summer!

                        The Coastal Cup got off over two days to a fabulous start, but a big flood caused a few issues

                        Outside the gate near Seal Rocks, this who attempted to cut the corner wished they hadn't

                        Even the SC 70 Holua was thrashed about with mercilessness

                        Pierre Cayard was given a gift from son Paul, the opportunity to re-bond with the El Toro
                        he made so many years ago...

                        We got the rare opportunity to sit down with Stan Honey for another interview

                        Looking much the part of Tom Hank's character in Castaway, Bobby-J emerges from the fog
                        after numerous days at sea in the Long Pac. He won!, Then took a nice bath...
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                          The US Women's Jr Nationals came to town, sailing out of the RYC

                          As you can tell by now its summertime on the Bay

                          Young ladies from across the country traveled all the way to SF to find out that air
                          temp and water temp are both in the 60's

                          The Silver Eagle, Island Yacht Club version of the Iron Man takes crews far and wide.

                          Hope springs eternal as you crack off at Blackaller and head up to the Petaluma River,
                          then back to IYC

                          Fabio and crew making good time

                          Greg nelsEn's Azzura 1000 Outsider defying gravity...

                          Savoire Faire is everywhere!

                          It is a weekend or marathon sailing, the SF Classic and UN Challenge test windsurfers
                          and kiteboards strength and stamina, here is local kid Johnny Heineken, who also happen to be
                          World Kiteboard Course Racing World Champion!

                          Adam Koch is no slouch either
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                            We interrupt this viewing of cold gray July to bring a little sunshine into the picture

                            This is what Trunk Monkey looks like upright

                            You could not swing a cat and not hit a Laser this summer

                            3 Different Laser World Championships kept the crew at the StFYC busy

                            The in harbor freestyle competition

                            FREE BEER for 1st 20 arrivals... just kidding, yer all underage...

                            One of these was over early.

                            The Summer Keel broke the chain of dinghy events

                            Antigua bound, Don Payan crew are gonna have to deal with a conventional spin set
                            up between rum drinks

                            Etchells class offer 45 races in 16 days, and this is just one of them
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                              If cold, uphill sailing is your thing, the SSS Half moon Bay Race could be the ticket!

                              It's called Sail Rock, although it looks like and eagles beak. During winter there could be a 50'
                              break collapsing right about the the Islander 36 is right there...

                              The cool thing about these short uphill races, if you are lucky, the wind will change
                              overnight and you can sail uphill both ways!

                              The 5.70's got their own regatta at the GGYC, I told you they get around!

                              What they lack in length. they make up for in width, although I'm told the accommodations
                              down below leave a lot to be desired

                              The 18' Internationals followed suit. Howie Hamlin was reunited with Paul Allen and Matt Noble and
                              won by the slimmest of margins in the tightest racing we have seen to date, 3 teams from New Zealand
                              made the trip this year in addition to the Aussies. The Mark Foy Trophy is being hosted in Auckland in couple weeks
                              and will be hosted here next summer!

                              John Winning Senior aka Woody, has been sailing the 18's for decades and nearly took
                              the event. Woody broke some rib in Sydney recently and wont be representing in Auckland...
                              Get well soon Woody!

                              The 18's demand quick responses and steady footwork. One slip and you can get hung out to dry.

                              With the arrival of the 18's comes the annual race from outside the GG to the base
                              of the Bay Bridge. They call it the Bridge to Bridge. Go Figure...

                              A bit of sunshine at the finish of the race
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