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2012 3 Bridge Fiasco Unofficial Pressure Drop Divisons

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  • No rum 4 you!!!
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery


    • Originally posted by Photoboy View Post
      No rum 4 you!!!
      Bite me then watch the video and bring my bottle!!!

      The RC calls out 18859 @ 5:39 (video time)

      18859 SUMMERTIME DREAM Scott Owens 186 15:08:46 2 Schumacher 1/4 Ton
      (single hander #2)

      Then the guy on the deck calls and you see # 27 (Nina) finish at 5:42 (video time)

      This is the next group starting at 6:23 (video time)

      77 MOORIGAMI John Siegel / Toby Cooper 150 15:08:41 62 stfyc Moore 24
      38008 SAPPHIRE David Rasmussen / David Rasmussen Iii 45 15:09:00 63 ryc Synergy 1000
      18018 SQUIRT David Klatt / Lane Desborough 96 15:09:24 64 ventura yc Pyramid 660
      87112 VITESSE TOO Grant Hayes / Volker Frank 90 15:09:30 65 encinal Hobie 33

      But the order doesn’t seem to match the way they are called out on the video either…If you notice the guy on the deck call out “77 Moore 24” at around 6:31 (video time) yet the results show them 25 seconds in front of 18859 who was clearly 40 seconds in front of them………As matter a fact looking at the video and reading the results (at least for the short time period I checked the deck calls out the finisher in this order 18081,87112 then 77) it’s all screwed up!!!!

      I know that it is all volunteers and I appreciate the hard work they all put in but to see this (And be put down as a RAF without being notified) 5 hours before the awards is more than a bit disheartening!!!

      Oh well it was a fun day sailing and it’s only a game after all!


      • oh dear


        • I don't think you can RAF without calling it in yourself. Otherwise it is a DNF. Been there, done that, got the shirt. See you tonight.


          • Sorry about that WD. We know you guys were the next Olson after Hoot. There's still some uncertainty about that stretch of finishes, and I gather the RC asked you for a little more information. When they didn't hear back from you they marked you RAF to spur you into action. Obviously it worked, but it wouldn't have been my first choice.

            PB, WD is still good for his rum.


            • Thing-Fish-But at least when we did it we RBF (by about 10 yards) damm fog!!!!

              Max- thanks for the update!!

              See you all tonight!!!


              • I think WD has missed a few shares for grog. Will miss the crowd tonight, in London for a few more days.


                • Originally posted by DeathSpear View Post
                  I think WD has missed a few shares for grog. Will miss the crowd tonight, in London for a few more days.
                  we will miss you D......I hope you get an upgrade for your flight home!!!!!!


                  • Wrapping this bad boy up...Big crowd at O.Y.C...all in good spirits. Evening started with
                    a series of reminder speeches on the Corinthian Spirit of the SSS and reminding folks what
                    some of the more critical rules were, especially pertaining to the Long Wharf and USCG Station
                    at Yerba Buena, infractions which could jeopardize not only SSS events but all organized
                    events on SF Bay....then by 8:15 ish..the awards began being passed out!...Here are the important
                    ones for the Unofficial PD Divisions!!

                    Arron Lee in 8 Ball...

                    Wardog shows the good stuff in his right hand, which may or may not make it to Hapa Pops,
                    and the "Sub Standard and grossly undersized Swill" in his left...

                    Greg Nelsen on Outsider upgraded to First in Class!

                    Brother ins Arms

                    Urs Rothatcher and assistant Matt Noble of Bridge Runner

                    The Prize of the night!
                    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

           Photo Gallery


                    • Thanks for the Grog PB!! There was an interesting discussion regarding the restricted areas and the need for EVERYONE to read the SI’s thoroughly and if you see a boat break the rules protest them (we are guilty of not doing that).

                      It was another fantastic 3BF!! A huge thanks to the SSS and all of the volunteers that made it happen and Damm that Joan is funny!!!

                      Btw thanks for the Phantom rum bottle/prize PB………The first thing my wife said when she saw it was “you drank that whole thing and then drove home??” I still don’t think she believes that I got it empty!!!


                      • Originally posted by Photoboy View Post

                        The Prize of the night!


                        • After years and years at printroom, I'm moving my crap over to smugmug....

                          It's a tad rough at the moment, but should be filling things up soon!


                          What chu thinks?
                          " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

                 Photo Gallery