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2012 Coastal Cup

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  • 2012 Coastal Cup

    Boat Divisions

    Double Handed Division Wed Start

    Marc Sykes Pegasus 28390 J/35 SSS 72 DH

    PHRF D Wed Start

    Tahitienne Stephen Diamond 42015 Hinckley 42 Sausalito 84

    Shaman Steve Waterloo 5166 Cal 40 EYC 102

    RedHead Walter Smith 7817 Cal 40/Lapworth RYC 102

    Seabiscuit Mark Neumann 295 Catalina 36 Coyote Pt 129

    Moonlight Jim Gibbs 28059 Express 27 Corinthian 96

    ************************************************** **************

    PHRF A Thursday Start

    Rio Manouch Moshyedi 2121 Custom TP52 BCYC -99

    Holua Brack Duker 97656 SC 70 Cal YC -99

    California Condor Hill Brackett III 94 Class 40 RYC -66

    Timeshaver Viggo Torbensen 7065 J125 DPYC-30

    Alpha Puppy Alex Farell 35024 1D35 3

    Tiburon Steve Stroub 38042 SC 37 SFYC 6

    PHRF C Thursday Start

    Outsider Greg Nelsen 1000 Azzura 310 SSS 21

    Lucky Duck Pelow/MacEwen 60245 Wauquiez 45S StFYC 27

    Sea Stig Shaw Price 18929 SC 40 30

    Sleeper Ron Simonson 56284 Jeanneau SO44 CBYC 60

    Nina Robert Macdonald Nina 27 Olson 29 SSS 66

    Vuja De Chris Kim 28978 Ultimate 24 RYC 69

    Sweet Okole Dean Treadway 29000 Farr 36 RYC 69

    Creative Ed Sanford 51911 J105 SDYC 72

    WARNING GUN: Warning gun for the first class on Wednesday, June 13th
    will be at 1055 hrs. from the St Francis YC race deck.

    Warning gun for the first class on Thursday, June 14th
    will be at 1155 hrs. from the St Francis YC race deck. Starting
    sequences will be available at the Skippers Meeting on June 12th.

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    Hmmm, I don't think I can talk Richard into this one...


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      It seems that my plans for this race are still undecided.....might cost a marriage if I go.....

      I just bailed one one offer but have given them the contact info for one of the young guns from here looking for a fun ride! Hope it works out for all of them as I think it might be a good fit!
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        Latest tracker updates from the 6 starters today. ~It's not the size of the website, it's how you use it! ~


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          Thursday AM Position Reports

          With offshore buoys readings in the mid to high 20s overnight, the 6 boat fleet of Wednesday starter from the 2012 Coastal Cup have enjoyed a fast ride down the coast overnight! As of the 05:30 update, its a neck and neck race for 1st to finish between The two Cal 40's,Walter Smith's "Redhead" and Steve Waterloo's "Shaman" both recording 8 plus knots of VMG. Northwest winds are forecast to blow through Friday Night, with winds forecast in the 20-30 knot range for today's starters, which depart off the StFYC at noon today!
 ~It's not the size of the website, it's how you use it! ~


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            Today's starters are in for a great ride.......

            Go "Nina" Go!!


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              Cal 40's -- what can you say. Solid offshore boats. Go Walter on Redhead!


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                Looks like Seabiscuit is out..that sucks...any details?

                Is there a delay on the tracker?


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                  Shaman is running its' own live tracker, here, The EYC tracker is on a four hour delay until after tomorrow mornings roll call, then it will go live.


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                    Just back...ALL boats under gate by 12:20 and conditions were prime just outside for a speedy run south...Magnitude 80's record could get eclipsed by Rio or Holua...
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                      Latest from Shaman, here


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                        Nice link! Last I looked, Shaman still was leading Redhead by 10 miles or so but 3 knots slower.
                        The div a guys should be having some great rides abouts now!


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                          Hate the 4 hr delay but like "Nina's" line so far hope they don't flinch first....
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                            Coastal Cup 9:00 Thursday Update

                            At 1600 PM The leaders in Division D, Cals 40's Red Head and Shaman 40's continue their battle, with edge still in Shaman's favor, despite blowing up both their kites:

                            On the water race update
                            06/14/2012, 20 nm off of Pt Arguello

                            "Our goal was to finish this race in a respectable position without anyone getting seriously hurt or any equipment breaking. If any of you are familiar with this race, that's not always easy. Well, we might be in good position, and no one is seriously hurt, but we certainly have had some gear issues. So far we have only torn one spinnaker but we were just about to take it down and change to another one anyhow. More about the gear issues in the full write up this weekend.

                            We managed to get out the gate neck and neck with Red Head, trading leads several times until the got ahead of us on the last few tacks out to the turning mark in the shipping channel. They stayed ahead until after dark, but from what we could see, through the first half of the night their navigation lights seemed to drop slowly behind us. We changed from our 3/4 oz kite to our 1.5 oz one in the evening in anticipation of the 30kt winds we had forecast and were looking for. Well, we never got those winds, but we did see a lot of low 20s and some in the upper 20s.

                            In the wee hours of the morning, we had something give and our spinnaker got a bit out of control. We got it down and decided to hoist the shy kite instead. It was pitch black with no reference to drive from other than the compass and wind instruments. After day break, we woke everyone to prepare for a gybe and to re-hoist the big 1.5 oz kite. The seas were really confused and as we prepared, your's truely spun out. It was my first for the race, and as we were getting the boat back up, the shy kite tore. We dropped it and gybed.

                            During the gybe we had some serious gear issues so as we made "repairs" we poled out a jib. This lasted for an hour or two then we hoisted again. We have been on port pole since then and we just checked in with the committee via sat phone. Our rental phone came with 3 batteries which each only hold a 1 minute charge so the check-ins are fairly quick. We are heading into the corner but just got lifted so it looks like we'll have to gybe to get down into the Santa Barbara Channel.

                            If the weather forecasts are right, we should be ghosting in to the finish in the morning hours tomorrow. After some much needed sleep and celebration (we hope) I'll do a complete write up. So far spirits are high and we've has some good fun. Now for the tedious part."

                            Further up the road, Rio and Holua are within boat lengths of each other, and have dropped off into the 12.5-12.9 knot VMG range after 4 hours of racing, with wind relaxing a bit after stronger breezes earlier in the day. In 3rd, Time Shaver, Viggo Torbensen's J-125 is schooling Hill Brackett's California Condor, despite Condor bringing in Kame Richards and Trevor Baylis to make Condor all she can be.

                            Currently (4 hours ago) Stephen Stoubs SC 37 "Tiburon", leading the remainder of the very tight pack of 7, including Alpha Puppy, Lucky Duck, Sea Stig, Sleeper, Creative, Sweet Okole and Nina. Vuja De the Ultimate 24 and the Azurra 1000 Outsider were both no shows to the start, and one wonders if todays massive traffic headaches may have lead to crew arrival issues and them throwing in the towell early.

                            Full Gallery

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                            " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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                              For the record the skipper of Outsider call a no go last was an outside"er" chance we would make the race and some of the crew (WD) were going to have to move into a apartment if we did....
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