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  • Panda Was Out!

    No not that Panda, Panda the Bear Boat, just part of a plethora of events being held over the weekend and cruisers enjoying what turned out to be some very pleasant weather.

    Zachary Anderson's "Motorcycle Irene" won the BYC' Octoberfest Pursuit race above edging out Fabio Maiono's "Centomiglia"


    The StFYC's annual Fall Dinghy and Oly Class was a light air affair on Saturday, but the breeze kicked up a bit on Sunday. Johnny Heineken won the Kiteboard division while sis Erika took 3rd. Other class winners include Jeff Miller in the 11 boat 5o5 Class, Henry Sprague was victorious in the 14 boat Finn Class.


    We'll have a better report and loads more images from other regattas including the YRA's Champion of Champions in the the morning!
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery

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    The Bear Boat fleet was having a bit of a round-up in Aquatic Park.


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      OH! I thought you had more pictures of him passed out in compromising situations.


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        here is our story, light and flat is what the Tiger loves...

        Red snapper at 1:05


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          it was very nice weather (before the storm) and i enjoyed seeing all those boats in the bay!!!


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            2012 YRA Champions of Champions

            "Can o' Whoopass" eeks across the finish line in light air to finish race one of Saturday's YRA Champions of Champion Regatta on the Berkeley Circle

            Saturdays Big Blow, with forecasted winds in the 20's were slow to materialize as promised,
            and the thick overcast which spread out deep and wide over the SF Bay was slow to burn off,
            or blow away as it were. A wide variety of events were on the table and fleets were scattered about the Bay.
            The annual YRA Champions of Champions which was held on the western edge of the Berkeley Circle had more of no shows (13)
            than those who did attend (12) to decide who, ultimately obtained the bragging rights for the year.
            On PHRF 2, the discussion goes on as 4 of the 5 boats in attendance each sailed away with 5 points.
            There will certainly need to be a series of Roshambo to settle the score at the the awards to be held
            at the Host Club Berkeley YC on November 14th!

            George Ellison's Schumaker 30 "Shameless", Garth Copenhaver's Santana 22 "Oreo" and
            Chris Giovacchini's Santana 22 "Santa Maria" all tied up with "Can o' Whoopass" at 5 points apiece
            after 2 races in the scheduled 3 race C.O.C. YRA season finale. Ironically, just after the last race was abandoned,
            the forecasted breeze appeared in earnest.

            PHRF 1 was a little less close, with Trig Liljestrand's J-90 "Ragtime" excelling in the thin air,
            knocking off Stan Glaros's 1D35 " Zsa-Zsa" with a pair of aces to win the shortened series
            2 point to 5. Congrats to all who qualified and participated!

            A Mini Gallery of Selects

            Full Results
            " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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