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GGYC Seaweed Soup # 4

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  • GGYC Seaweed Soup # 4

    Light to medium winds broke through the heavy murk which covered the Bay for this
    pre Superbowl edition of the GGYC's Manuel Fagundes Sea Weed Soup Series race 4

    A steady flood and flat seas on course 3 and 2 put a premium on playing the wind proper sail trim and handling. In Phrf 1, Daniel Theilman's Tai Kuai edged out Tony Pohl's twisted by 6 seconds.

    Alex Farrell's "Alpha Puppy" took PHRF 2 by a wide margin, Frank Morrow's "Hawkeye"
    had a convincing time with the PHRF 3 fleet and Gordie Nash continued his dominance in PHRF 4.

    The Catalina 34's, Knarrs and Folkboat's enjoyed a shorter course withe Chris Owen;s
    Mottley correnting out ith a minute to spare in the C-34's. John Jenkin's Narcissus edged out Mark Dahm's Benino by 20 second in the Knarrs and George Cathey proved to be the best in the 3 boat folkboat fleet by 1:19

    Full Results
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery