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What's with all the floaters lately?

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  • What's with all the floaters lately?

    A bod found under pier 48 and one in the Estuary and I thing one at Ocean Beach in recent days. Is there some full moon floater festival going on I didn't know about?

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      Chinese Lunar New Year.

      Combine that with sequestration, and the Pope resigning and all hell breaks loose.


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        Todd Thoke still accounted for ?


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          Add one more.

          A man whose body was found in the water near an industrial marina in Richmond on Sunday has been identified by the Contra Costa County coroner’s office as 64-year-old Richard Wood.
          All present and accounted for?


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            RIP Rick Wood

            Upcoming Changes

            Dear Spaulding Supporter,

            We are writing to you today to share the exciting news that Spaulding Wooden Boat Center is about to undergo one of its most significant changes in the past decade. Starting September 15th, Spaulding Center will begin a redesign of our boatyard that will include cutting-edge pollution control measures to protect our bay from toxic contaminants. Spaulding Center will become a model for best practices and will provide educational opportunities for local boatyard owners and boaters on how to reduce pollution to the Bay from boat repair and maintenance. This showcase Environmental Project has been funded as a result of a settlement agreement between San Francisco Baykeeper and BAE Systems.

            Concurrently, our Boatyard Manager, Michael Wiener, will retire from his position on September 14th. Michael’s career has spanned more than forty years as a boat builder. He started working with Myron Spaulding in 1978 and has managed the Spaulding Boat Works for the past 12 years, since Myron’s death in 2000. Michael worked closely with Myron’s widow, Gladys, to establish the Spaulding Wooden Boat Center as a non-profit organization. Upon his retirement, Michael will continue to serve Spaulding Center as a Trustee and Board Member.

            After a thoughtful process, Spaulding’s Board of Directors has appointed Rick Wood as the new Boatyard Manager. Rick will manage the implementation of the environmental upgrades and restructure the boatyard to align with Spaulding’s mission. He will oversee the implementation of the San Francisco Baykeeper project and develop a boatyard Best Management Practices (BMP) showcase at Spaulding Wooden Boat Center.

            Mr. Wood is uniquely suited for this role as he was a key leader among boatyard owners addressing environmental issues in the industry when industry standards were raised more than fifteen years ago. While running Sanford Wood Boatyard’s government, commercial, and pleasure boat repair and construction business, Rick was proactive in organizing the boatyard operators in the Bay Area to work with the Regional Water Quality Control Board to develop boatyard BMP that included innovative waste water process controls and monitoring water quality.

            During this transition, all of the Spaulding Center programs and Arques School will continue operating except for the boatyard. The implementation of the San Francisco Baykeeper project and its demands requires suspending all boatyard activities starting on September 15th. We plan to re-open boatyard operations for Spring 2013.

            Spaulding Center will keep you informed by sending monthly updates on our progress.

            The craft of boatbuilding lies at the heart of Bay Area culture and history. Its tradition has been sustained at Spaulding Center by the commitment and generosity of our community.

            Now more than ever, we encourage you to support Spaulding Wooden Boat Center’s mission in providing a gateway to wooden boat construction, traditions, and seamanship for people from all walks of life.

            Thank you for your support.

            If you have questions contact:
            Andrea Rey, Associate Director at or by calling (415) 332-3179
            " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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              Originally posted by Built to List View Post
              Chinese Lunar New Year.

              Combine that with sequestration, and the Pope resigning and all hell breaks loose.
              Don't forget Kerry landing the Secratary of State gig....that was probably the topper.
              Stay in the car and don't play with the radio.


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                Damn, that's very sad news. Rick was a good and knowledgable man who was very helpful to me and many others when he owned Sanford Wood (now KKMI)