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Corinthian SSS Race and Double Handed Light SHip - COURSE TRACKING TRIAL

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  • Corinthian SSS Race and Double Handed Light SHip - COURSE TRACKING TRIAL

    Want to see a track of the entire race fleet in one of the upcoming races ? Would the RC like to be able to check on the fleet in offshore events ? [SEE INSERTED TEST PLOT]

    I have been experimenting with a solution that uses our smart phones & Google Latitude in conjunction with a free App known as Backtitude. BayTourTrack.jpg

    The recent 3BFiasco is a case where this information, available live from Google, could have helped the RC finish the racers. Additionally it makes for a interesting plot of a fleet of boats in action.

    How to use:

    For this test a Android phone must be used (IPhones might work with MotionX I am checking with Mr Kahn on the possibilities).

    User downloads Backtitude and then sets up the parameters for the appropriate ping rate to the cell phone towers. I have determined what works well to get solid GPS positions every few minutes with an Android phone, and when set up properly battery usage is low.

    I set up a special Google account that will be referenced by all users. This will be kept secret for this trial.

    User sets up a Google account and enables Latitude. Then the user Friends a special account I will set up.

    On race day Backtitude is enabled and tracking begins.

    At the end of the regatta I will send a password via email to all participants and they can see the resulting position data.

    This is just a test to see if this approach is viable for a fleet. It certainly works for one user on a boat in the bay or outside the bay as I have tested it from Brisbane to Half Moon Bay.

    Backtitude is free and I have no connection with any of the mentioned products.

    Thanks for the consideration.

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    Red Sky, kudos for your efforts.

    How visible would the phones need to be to get a clear signal?

    Does service provider matter?


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      what a fabulous idea to track racers! i would LOVE to see this in operation!


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        El Capitan: Service provider does not matter. It sends essentially an email to a Google server and a predetermined account that the RC would own, in this case.
        At present there is one App for Android that works pretty well. For my Samsung I intentionally tossed the phone in a chart table below deck on an Olson 34. It was able to report positions on most attempts and when it fails with an attempt it buffers missed reports and sends them later with the next update (sync). The App is nice in that you can set timed updates and/or distance moved since last update. In addition you can set how long it will try to sync prior to giving up (ping time), this keeps battery usage down.

        Ultimately the data can be captured in a program that could post a real time listing of boats and their position relative to the finish line, or you can just choose to watch the event progress on Google maps, that works now.

        See the attached plot of a delivery I did from Half Moon Bay, this time the cell phone was in a foulie water proof pocket. Ignore the land spots, that was me taking Bart to get back to my car. Note the density of hits outside the gate, while it drops in the Bay. This was due to altering settings for ping time and distance between pings.
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          Tracking your progress in cointhian sss race - trial of cell phone gps tracking

          Your participation in this trial would be awesome. There are a few boats signed up.

          This will enable the RC to see your posted locations in google latitude. You will have to accept the invitation and send an invitation to (not this email address). I am sending my locations several times per day, sometimes in automatic mode. All that exchange a Friend setting with me will see my locations over the next few days.

          To Do:

          Set up a google mail account your willing to share with others.

          Send a friend request to all

          Accept all friend request for bboschma, or from the RC.

          Download "Backtitude" from the Google PLay store. It is Free.

          Charge your batteries, better put the phone on a charger on your boat, but not a requirement.

          Here are the settings to apply on Backtitude:

          Settings/Standard settings :
          - Time interval = 10 min. (saves power)
          - Location polling = 5 min. (less time for better battery life but 5 min works real well in the bay).

          Settings/Docked settings (this is great on the boat if the phone is on a charger as you don't have to worry about discharging batteries):
          - Docked mode enabled (has nothing to do with the dock at Sams)
          - Time interval = 5 min.
          - Location polling timeout = 5 min

          Settings/Wifi Mode = disable (on the boat)

          Settings/Update settings
          - Location Steals = ON
          - Max steal rate = 1 min
          - min change in distance = 50m (if your stuck in a hole for an hour this prevents a bunch of useless updates)
          -Lat. resync rate = go with default.
          - Data Roam Reduction = OFF

          Settings/Accuracy (IMPORTANT):
          - min GPS ACCURACY = 20 m
          - Timeout Fallback Accuracy = (3rd option) Do Not Update if accurate value is not available.

          Settings/Sync options
          - Any data signal available = ENABLE
          Settings/Advanced Settings/Location and Security: (IMPORTANT)
          -Use Wireless networks = (DISABLED)
          - USE GPS Satellites = ENABLED

          Google Account
          - your_google_account that you are sharing


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            RC would love you to participate in this trial (well at least one member of RC- me)

            It would be super fun for Corinthian RC to get as many participants in this tracking as possible -we'll be sure to be ready for your gun that way!!!

            If anyone is planning to use the software tomorrow that Brian has suggested, please PM me and I will give you the address for RC so that you can "friend" us and hence we will be able to view your tracks.

            Thanks and have fun out there!!!



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              I can only learn one set of software at a time and besides, mine is a dumb phone. My kids had to put the Contacts into it because I dialed everyone from memory (not hard if you're a numbers guy).

              Anyway, tomorrow I'll be trying to wrap my head around Jibeset.


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                Good luck, from what I hear,,, jibsheet is clunky,, on the interface....


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                  Red Sky tests Backtitude and Google Latitude for race tracking


                  The attached plot shows the path Red Sky took during the Corinthian race. What is key is that the live link to google Latitude works well in the bay with a cell phone below deck. The attachment shows the many pings with GPS data from the cell phone to the cell phone network.


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                    I'm a dumphone guy too, but here's a quick approximation of my course yesterday, Spring Invite, Corinthian and a little AC 45 all thrown in..

                    Who wants to edit?

                    Would like to see courses of others who sailed an incorporate in today's report ....

                    Seriously, who wants to edit?
                    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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                      Looks like a nice reach from the South Bay to Alcatraz, normal beat up to Blackaller, a nice booming reach across the slot to Harding -then at Yellow Bluff you started drinking?


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                        Originally posted by BobJ View Post
                        Looks like a nice reach from the South Bay to Alcatraz, normal beat up to Blackaller, a nice booming reach across the slot to Harding -then at Yellow Bluff you started drinking?
                        Things can get a might squirrelly out on the bay...

                        The console with new, biggerer, betterer, window, anda place to put sandmo and beverage worked beautifully...its
                        much warmer hiding behind the screen and much dryerer than ever before...and cameras are happy too!
                        " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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                          Looks downright plush, but still needs dingleballs and purple underwater lights. Maybe a different colour on the duct tape? Heckuva roach clip - what's in the baggie?

                          We have the same GPS - love that footprint. I have the 276C in the cockpit and 478 in the nav station. Oh yeah, where's your nav station? Every snapper needs a proper nav station.


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                            It's a work in progress... the foam keeps the boat cover happy when its blowing 30+ knots through the marina...

                            How people live aboard with that racket all night is beyond me...a lot of Pete's Harbor refugees have migrated north as well,
                            I suspect most wont last a season...there's about 40 degrees air temp difference in summer...

                            I keep my dumphone in zip lock...a dry dumphone is a happy dumphone, and you can never have enuf roach clips or big enuf
                            ones, you never know when Jeremy might show up...and the help keep the cover in position when you are trying to get work done on
                            boat in 30 knots of wind...

                            What color duct tape would you suggest? I'm thinking black or white....but red would match the tubes and bloodshot eyes on those early
                            start days...
                            " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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                              That's "colour" not "color." I thought this was a proper yacht. (At least you referred to "the help" who keep the cover in place.)

                              I dunno, maybe puce?