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GGYC Manuel Fagundes Seaweed Soup Finale

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  • GGYC Manuel Fagundes Seaweed Soup Finale

    Saturday's closer for the GGYC Seaweed Soup Midwinters wrap up got off to a slow start with a postponement as the easterlies faded and the RC waited for the westerlies to build. "Its been pretty consistent all winter long" Says PRO Matt Jones "With the colder water out the Gate and the flood bringing the breeze, you can count on the westerlies coming in with it". With the starting gun at 1:30, Course 2, a 6 nm double sausage was employed along the City Front from the higher raters and course 1 single suasage for the Knarrs and Folkboats

    Team Arcadia with skipper Gordie Nash bringing home the Silverwear in the form of the
    Overall winner with a perfect score of 5 bullets, and they had to toss out a bullet. Frank Morrow's "Hawkeye" was 2nd runner up with 4 bullets and a deuce.

    The following report and verbiage and all the photos courtesy Seymour Dodds and RYC Photo

    Perfect once again. Half way through the race Arcadia’d already saved their time on the second place boat, The IC Youngster. They dined on Portuguese Seaweed Soup after the race. Gordie talked about “Crew work. All I did was put the boat in the right place, worried about boat speed, driving and my crew did everything.” Crew Carl Bailey loves sailing with Gordie because “He’s calm, relaxed and goes very fast.”

    For the last GGYC-MWs more was on the line besides boats starting. Jeff McCord (Quiver NM37)was leading his division by only a point, Brad Copper(TNT-Tripp 43) had a similar one point lead for a 3rd spot. Bren Meyer was comfortably isolated in 2nd with little chance of losing or gaining in the series. In the PHRF 4 division Gordie Nash(Bahama Workboat) was sitting on a perfect score (1-1-1-1), was a lock to win his division, and yet he’d still need another first to win his second Portuguese Seaweed Soup Tureen, emblematic of the top boat in the entire regatta.

    The winds didn’t initially cooperate. The Cat in the Hat flag went up with two guns then everyone waited & waited. The shifting weather conditions with high clouds and a diminishing Eastern breeze augured no optimism. Finally 2 hours later the darkening water out at the South Tower heralded a Westerly which blew in with overcast at about 10-12 knots. The RC called a Presidio Shoals to Fort Mason double sausage.

    To the Deep Bass Creak-Creak Music from Loaded up Lewmar Drums The Big Boats Start. From Left to right: Brad Copper’s TNT is full on by the pin with California Condor that gi-normous black main on TNT’s quarter, then Mark Howe (War Pony). The near boat is division winner Tai Kuai after doing an inordinate number of pre-start herky-jerks is just cranking it up. Flood dominated the big boat start & every start thereafter. Tacticians called for short tacking up the beach with the usual port tack boats doing a duck, weave or slam dunk thru their competitors. Brad finished 4th so he kept his series third place. A new to the Big Bay McConaghy 38 (Whiplash) held the lead for lap, but ultimately Tai Kuai wore them down.

    The short boat in a long boat group Bren Meyer raced the spinnakered WylieCat30, Uno. Hawkeye did the waterlining & the horizon jobbing in the last race. Bren did one race in the “Gordie Nash” division then switched to a spinnaker division. So for the remaining 4 races he had to avoid eating his throw out. You might have called this the Yucca division ‘cepting Hank with a recently repaired hip wasn’t racing.

    The Gang on Quiver Won their Series & Celebrated with Dark ‘n Stormies. Skipper Jeff McCord brought in a coaching staff from Easom Rigging and Sailing for a practice. End result according to tactician Kurt Hemmingsen, “Crew work was superb.” Kurt also credited “a couple short tacks at Fort Mason opened up some opportunities.” The loyal crew didn’t overlook the skipper, “Jeff does great when he drives. He benefited from good driver tactician and trimmer talk today. & we can’t over look Leslie’s[Norris] advice.” Still some minor problems: At the start a moderately overpowered Baltic 48 inadvertently camped on Quiver while ever so slowly winching in a really big jib.

    A cruiser thought the leeward mark was a great place for hanging out –hint not when a screaming racing fleet comes arrives. The brand new J-111 got the gun with about an 8 minute lead. And lastly Quiver never could make it past RYC’s very own Jim Hoey (B-Line) who didn’t save his time. Jim was giving no quarter to no one. After five races he and Dave Rasmussen (Sapphire-Synergy 1000) were tied for third with Ragtime (15 points each) They got tie-broke back to 4&5 respectively.

    Race 5 Results

    Season Results
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery