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2013 Newport Cabo

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  • 2013 Newport Cabo

    WD tells me that he and some other Lucky Bastards are sailing to Cabo this weekend...

    Meanie, Invisible Hand and Criminal Mischief and Dorade are loaded with Nor Cal talent and there are guys on Holua, Grand Illusion, Wizard, OEX,
    Pyewacket, Warpath as well. See "Lucky Bastards" link above...

    Fun for slower boats starts tomorrow...

    Class Breaks


    Race Tracker
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    Team Mischief seems to have gone a major overhaul


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      Still trying to put together my sailing kit....Musto or Slam gear what will the bow bitch need...trying to keep it down to just 10Lb but not sure what the best "combat load" will be for this one!!

      I'll try to send some pictures when possible and.........................Look for the new Mask next season!!!
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        Booigty,Booigty,Booigty lets go racing!!!

        I may be 22 hours early on this but it's time to head south and meet the boat!!

        Have a great week everyone and to those of you doing the DHF next weekend be safe!!


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          Hope you get some wind, WD. Go it The Hand!


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            No live video?


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              Newport Cabo Forecast

              Detailed Forecast

              Friday/Saturday: A coastal eddy sets up just off the Southern California coast. This sets up light S/SE to variable winds in the morning near the coast of SoCal and Northern Baja before trending W 5-15kts during the afternoon. Stronger NW winds are expected west of 119W, with speeds of 15-25kts likely there.

              Seas close to shore and inside of the Channel Islands will be a mix of short period WNW swell 3-4 ft. at 10 seconds (except to 5ft north of Santa Catalina and exposed waters in the Outer Santa Barbara passage), long period SSW swells of 2-3ft, and similar sized long period WNW swell that moves in by Friday night and Saturday. Periods of these swells will range from 15-21s. Much larger WNW/NW wind waves are expected south of San Clemente Island and west of the Channel Islands in general, where widespread 7-11’ seas at 9-11s will be dominant. Mariners should thus prepare for rougher seas as they approach international waters.

              Sunday/Monday: Light and variable winds continue close to shore in the mornings before trending onshore (west) 5-15kts during the afternoon. Winds beyond 20nm will generally be NW 8-16kts for much of the race area, except to 20kts north of 30N.

              Lingering WNW/NW wind waves of 5-7ft at 10-11s will continue for much of the waters off Baja, except locally higher west of 117W on Sunday. This will continue to mix with longer period 2-4’ swells from SSW and WNW directions.

              Tuesday/Wednesday: Winds very close to shore continue to be diurnally influenced with light/variable winds early trending locally onshore 6-13kts in the afternoon. Winds will be NW to N 6-13kts further offshore.

              Combined seas will subside to 3 to 5 ft. on Tuesday and to 2 to 4 ft. on Wednesday. However, computer models do suggest a pocket of locally higher NW/N winds and associated wind waves just north of Cedros Island, but lower winds/seas to the south for the end of the race. These seas will continue to be a mix of fading WNW/NW wind waves and longer period SSW and WNW swells. Even longer period forerunners of a new NW swell are expected to mix in with this on Wednesday.

              Expert Analysis. Computer models continue to agree that stronger (~1032mb) high pressure will rebuild over the Northeast Pacific Ocean through the end of the workweek. This will set up a surge of strong NW/N winds offshore of California and Baja for Thursday and Friday. Associated short period wind waves will also build and be most noticeable south of San Clemente Island.

              However, there is now good agreement in the various computer models that a coastal eddy will form off of Southern California and impact the nearshore winds for the beginning of the race. Light S/SE to variable winds should be expected nearshore from this off of Southern California and Northern Baja through the beginning of the weekend.

              The strong high-pressure system that is responsible for this surge of NW winds and seas offshore is forecast to weaken later in the weekend and early next week. As a result, winds and seas even offshore will begin relaxing for the end of the event.

              Other Swell. A weakening storm that continues to move through the central North Pacific that will send a small WNW swell to the region over the weekend. This will gradually ease from north to south for early to mid next week. This will also mix with small S to SW swells from recent storm activity in the Southern Hemisphere. The Southern Hemisphere swell activity is expected to linger throughout most of the event. Finally, another storm is forecast to swing through the NE Pacific this weekend and early next week. The beginning of the associated long period NW swell will move into the waters off Baja late on Tuesday and peak over Wednesday and Thursday. These swell events should be mainly at or below 4ft in deep water except to 5ft for the initial WNW swell this weekend. Mariners should be advised of associated hazards very close to shore as these long period swells shoal.
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                Slow Boats To Cabo

                With 18 hours gone by for Saturdays ORR starters and 42 hours for Fridays PHRF fleet
                the numbers on the course are anything but blazing. With average 24 hour speed on course
                topping out at 5.3 for "Wizard" the 74' Reichel/Pugh to a minute 2.8 for the 52' Dorade,
                conditions are better for trolling than setting records. There has been on retirement thus far,
                the 38' Expression Session which decided conditions just were not suitable to make the
                800 nm trip in a reasonable amount of time.

                The Daily Standings sheet tells the tale, no speed to low speed.

                The forecast for the immediate future does not look all that promising

                On the bright side, the gear damage will be minimal as teams ooch their way day the
                Baja shoreline and get time off from the everyday grind, but truly, they all came for
                some high speed burning down the coast, and months of prepartion included vision
                of submerged bows, rooster tails and the fun meter pegging out in the high teens or low 20's.

                All photos © John K Fuller / NHYC

                The mighty Tri Loe Real is averaging just 1/10 of a knot better than the fastest mono, at just 5.4 knots.

                Here are some numbers for the Nor Cal boats taken off the Yellow Brick Tracker representing 06:30 PDST on Sunday morning....

                *They tend to disagree with the official standings, its the most updated number availible*

                Meanie 1st in ORR overall, 1st in ORR-1 4.6 knots 708 DTF

                Criminal Mischief 16th in OOR overall 8th in OOR div 2 2.3 knots 717 DTF

                Invisible Handbags 22nd in ORR overll, 7th in OOR Div 1 2.3 knot 715 DTF

                Checkmate 1st in PHRF 2.2 knots 612 DTF

                Dorade 2nd in PHRF 3.7 knots 637 DTF

                The tracker its self has shown some wild deviations in course, but it does put
                Tom Akin's RP52 "Meanie" in good position, playing the inside.

                "Dorade" is dwarfed by the J-160 "Innocent Merriment"

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                  Originally posted by war dog View Post

                  I'll try to send some pictures when possible and............
                  Maybe crayons and paper combined with snail mail would arrive sooner?


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                    Nothing sent from team Invisible Handbag except this bon voyage shot.

                    Can't tell if they are Prada, Gucci or Louis Vuitton, but this is a a top notch program,
                    so you can rest assured they are quality stuff... hope WD gets there before the spring break run on Luche Libre masks takes hold.

                    He only got $60.00 allowance, and the dollar dont buy what it used to...
                    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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                      Oh no you di-int



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                        Monday Morning Update

                        Monday morning update:

                        Meanie still leads overall and division, and averages are up across the fleet
                        in the 6 to 7 knot range, with a couple boats now cracking the 500 nm DTF barrier.

                        Timeshaver, Viggo Torbensen's J-125 has retired to Ensenada.


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                          With a challenging forecast ahead, the RC has extended the finish time limit to noon on Saturday.
                          However, a total of 3 boats have now withdrawn from the race: Expression Session, Timeshaver &
                          West Coast Warrior. All have checked-in with the RC and report no problems.

                          Newport Cabo RC
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                            Esenada, Cabo, what's the difference? Tie the boat up in Ensenada and take the Greyhound!


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                              Things heating up! Meanie's pushing the pedal a bit now, Criminals moving up the ranks, The Hand still owes too much time but there
                              is still 1/2 a race to go.