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2013 Newport Cabo

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    If they were patient and waited a couple weeks, they would have had one helluva ride down to cabo.


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      No word on Meanie?


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        Heard Meanie made it San Diego. The boats that left before the big blow still took some slamming for sure. While IH was waiting for all the delivery crew to arrive the window closed. A handful of boats that left returned to Cabo including Condor and Bad Pack. Maverick returned with major structural damage from the pounding. Multiple cracked bulkheads, stringers broken loose, etc. She will be down there for a long repair process for sure.

        After our gang was all in town and pondering the weather window (with some extra confidence from Commanders Weather) we headed out Wed. AM. Last day coming into Turtle Bay we had 21-27k on the nose with horrible VMG since we can't motor into that. Angled way off the waves to avoid slamming and we were on the hook 1AM Friday morning.

        Condor and Sin Duda tried to I get head up Friday and ended up trying to anchor behind Cedros. Condor came back, not sure abut the Sin's.

        We didn't have the War Dog but we have crowned a new Snore Dog which nearly resulted in my crews mutiny last night after enduring several nights of near composite delaming log sawing. He got the $37 shoreside shower room to himself last night after somehow stumbling back there before I returned from my late night Panga duties

        Enrique "Kiki" Jr. Had been kind enough to bless me with use of his Panga while we've been holed up so I've been tossing the alcohol off-gassing carcasses onto their respective decks after mucho tequila nightly.

        The panga access and many greats meals ashore could not have been possible without my right hand amigo for deliveries the last decade plus - George "el diablo" Luna, a former Mexican national who has been a staple at nor and SoCal race tracks for 35-40 years on and off the saddle. This guy had the town wired before we barely touched the shore and we had huge feasts for all the crews nightly and I'm pretty sure they elected him mayor yesterday to try to steel him away from us!

        The Mexican people's friendly, gracious and tollirent attitude for us more than slightly loud gringos never ceases to humble me. Looking forward to the day the racing itch fades so I can spend the quality time cruising down here.

        Been blowing 20-30k in the anchorage the last few days but it's getting reasonable outside to continue north today. Adios


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          Has Turtle Bay run out of Tequila?


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            Senior George can easily overcome the issue....... So even though the shelves were out at the local markets a pickup showed up at our restaurant haunt several times an evening with another bottle for those so inclined. Some of us prefer Rum.


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              See if you can pick up some Havana Club rum in the market, it is very good, excellent for the price and unavailable here in the Land of the Free.


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                Safe travels solo.


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                  The report I get from "Snore Dog" is that the Hand is across the border and all is well with the crew and boat.


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                    20nm out from San Pedro. George and I carried on double handed....... We were suppose to just drop 2 in San Diego and finish up the motor to Pedro with 3up and offload sails, etc. but the young'ins decided they "had" to bail once in site of land San Diego.

                    George stepped up so I could finish the delivery. Looks like I'll be picking up my boat offload crew at the Home Depot parking lot in the early AM since George still needs to fly out tonight. Then I'll hit the road for another extended slog up Hwy5 solo.

                    Nicest weather we've had in weeks, never thought Mexico could be so mild for so long.

                    Then it's a loop of the boats show Sunday. Who is meeting me for beers at Heinold's First and Last Chance at the end of the show for a heartier, non-Tecate beverage?


                    • I'm in for drinks or help on the last part.....just call I'm there!!