The Bainbridge Island Wooden Boat Festival(BIWBF) committee is hosting the second Wooden Boat Festival this June 15-16, 2013 at the Harbour Marina in Eagle Harbor. It will be a weekend celebration of the Island's distinguished history of wooden boat building, design, and preservation. Organized and hosted by a small, visionary group of islanders, the BIWBF’s mission is to honor Bainbridge Island's legacy of unique wooden boat craftsmanship. The first Festival, held in June of 2011, was a resounding success with 43 boats and nearly 2,000 attendees touring the boats, hearing sea stories, enjoying live music and a healthy dose of maritime lore. Join us: Saturday 10-5, Sunday 10-4. for details.

Photo by Neil Rabinowitz

Thank you for your interest in the BIWBF. The idea for our festival came about because we realized that we have a great collection of wooden boats here on Bainbridge Island and that many of the owners of these boats had never had the opportunity to meet each other. As the owner of the local marine chandlery I’ve had the pleasure of working with many of the owners and artisans that help to keep these boats going. Once I mentioned to a few of them that I wanted to put together a celebration for Bainbridge Island wooden boats it was very easy to get others interested.

The organizing committee is made up of a great group of friends that have committed their time and talents to realizing our vision of a wooden boat party. To qualify for inclusion in the event, the boat or owner must be from Bainbridge Island. This keeps the event to a manageable size for us and we think it gives this festival a uniquely local flavor that both the participants and the visiting public seem to appreciate and enjoy. We couldn’t possibly do an event like this without the generous support of the owners of the Harbour Marina, Harbour Pub and Pegasus Coffee. To all of you that help make this event happen, I offer a great big thank you!

Bob Schoonmaker