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  • Wheeler

    Great time and great racing today at the Wheeler. After moderate conditions for the buoy racing yesterday, today we saw big breeze for the pursuit. Kudos to the little J boat that managed to keep everyone behind them. The finish was classic pursuit, with the top 5 finishers suddenly converging at the finish line, finishing within seconds of each other. We rounded the leeward mark second behind the J, but couldn't catch them in the short upwind to the finish. And we didn't put enough distance between us and the E-37 to fend them off before the finish (though perhaps a bit more aggressive tactics might have saved it).

    The highlight by far was hooking up to the stern wake of Bodacious+ after they passed us to windward and ride that all the way to Alcatraz, literally a few feet from their stern. Sure their hiking crew got a good show for a while. The run, was a classic JetStream run in the 14-19 range. Flawless crew work as usual and we ended up with a podium finish in third.

    Topped that with a spinnaker run all the way down the Estuary and at the dock before 4.

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    J-24 weather to be sure, with flat water and 12-kts up to the Red Bitch. We were pushing water all the way, except for the minor eddy just east of Pt. Blunt. Mike thanked us, as he passed us to leeward just off of the Alcatraz Buoy, for showing him how to do Harding when she's at full speed ahead. Kudos to him, and to the crew of Stewball, for doing it right. And, of course to the Spear. It was fun watching the last 15 minutes of that Dan and Mike going at it, as we held off the big wolves.


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      Was the "Can" represented ?

      whoopass.jpgWas the "Can" represented ?


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        Is that Paul?


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          Not to my knowledge, but as you all know, Paul is a beast. Must be someone on Andy's boat.

          I'd love to see these TOD races start with a TOD split, but be judged by TOT. It's not hard at all to crunch, and nobody bleeds out. This goes to the big boats, as well as the li'l ones. A 30-35' displacement ride trying to get around the Red Bitch at full power was at a disadvantage Saturday, even if they did it right.


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            Another great production from my crew Rob. We hooked up to Bodacious stern wake for a while which made for a pretty fun ride.