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    Anyone know the outcome of the random safety inspection ?


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      To quote Gomer Pyle. "Surprise, Surprise, Surprise" Is that Bobby the J out on the ocean on 4-20?

      Yes the big roach clips were still on sign of the wookie tho...musta been baking down in Santa Cruz

      Ahi, Green Buffalo and Racer X chase Ohana to finish is freshening winds...The boats came in bunches and spurts...

      "The Snacktician" leaves the grunt work for the old guy....

      Sans the protest sign, the "Men of Can" arrive after their cruise to the bucket. You can tell they aren't
      racing cause there's no lifelines...I'll let you folks argue over the merits of that hot button subject, I can get berated
      right here at home with one slip of the tongue, and often do...
      " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery


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        Fuck dat ,,, we was racing ! And not just for division but ALL OF THEM ! We will post our standings within the fleets .



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          I'll leave the F-bombs out. While we weren't Racing, under the RRS, we were participating, and were welcomed on the course by all we encountered. Some didn't understand at first, but once we explained ourselves, as the 2011 and 2012 Overall OYRA PHRO2 Champions, we heard no negative responses, and we were prepared to hear some. We were, indeed, racing. Our elapsed was 5:05.15. Corrected to TOT, it was 4:01.05. It's a shame that our $195 will be used for beer, rather than go to the YRA, but that's their choice.

          We did have a fine time with the course, and, whatever y'all might think about my beef with the NCORC, and all who drank their Kool-Aid, you might have been wise to follow us out the Gate, rather than working the Marin side, which had less pressure and less sweet water. I look forward to the posting of the results.

          We had such a fine time, that we're planning another day sail or two in future. June 1 is my birthday, so I get to do whatever I want, and a trip up to Bolinas sure sounds like fun. Since we are a fairly slow boat upwind, we'll be available to pick up anyone who, God forfend, becomes separated from their vessels by not being tethered.




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            You say it's YRA's choice not to take your $195. NO - it's your choice to not comply with the rules.

            I hope you didn't get in the way of anyone who was racing or mess with their wind. You shouldn't be playing in the midst of a legitimate racing fleet while you're trying to make a statement. Ever heard of rule 69?


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              If I understand this back and forth, stuff. The main issue is lifelines as mandated via the Nor Cal ORC?

              Doesn't seem that hard to rig 2 stanchions on either side and run some spectra through them to comply,
              and take them off when not racing under the confines of OYRA jurisdiction. Or is there something else?


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                Lots of other boats have done just that but with these guys apparently it's the principal of the thing - ever heard that before?

                I'll do some research on Rule 69 and if they pull the same stunt for Duxship, I'll file it if I possibly can. It's time to end this BS.


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                  If wrecking your boat for principle, rather than actual safety, is the coin of the realm, than you all can have your little fiefdom, and we'll just take day sails and post times. Have fun with 69, dude. I've been there. We're not stunting. We're just sailing. Last time I checked, that's still legal


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                    Rule 69 is interference on a goal keeper?


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                      Just stay out of the starting area. You obviously can't plead ignorance.


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                        Rules of the road ! Port , Starboard , windward , leeward...

                        We won't hit you... :-) easy isn't it... When your boat isn't broaching...

                        My last hobby was Rocketry, sailing is freaking easy by comparison !


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                          Originally posted by Tonapah Low View Post
                          If I understand this back and forth, stuff. The main issue is lifelines as mandated via the Nor Cal ORC?

                          Doesn't seem that hard to rig 2 stanchions on either side and run some spectra through them to comply,
                          and take them off when not racing under the confines of OYRA jurisdiction. Or is there something else?
                          I can understand not liking the governments rules, but its not like they are making everyone drag an inflated liferaft around.

                          NCORC is a group of understanding and educated veteran sailors compromising for the overall good, so why be hating on them?

                          Not sure if there is a grand father clause available, but that could open another can of worms.


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                            Inland Rules apply when on inland waters; Colregs apply when west of the Colregs demarcation line. But, I'm sure you are aware of that. We started our day sail 30 seconds after the cluster #*&@ at the pin end, and were happy to avoid that mess. It is not our intention, nor will it be our practice to interfere with the start of any Race. On open water, we will simply sail the course, as is our right.

                            We noted how weak your showing was on Saturday. The round-ups were fantastic! Was that display any more safe than a Cal 20, with tethers, doing the same course? Of course not!

                            You weren't anywhere near to us at any time, so I can't find any reason, other than petulance, that you would object to our presence on the water.


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                              Sorry, not taking the bait. I have too many good sailing friends who've made the sacrifices necessary to prepare their boats to meet whatever rules were in play. You choose to instead thumb your nose at the rules, thinking you are somehow above all that. You have an old boat with a hugely gifted rating and because of that, you think you're a shit-hot sailor. Prove it - equip your boat like the rest of us have and enter the races. Otherwise STFU.


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                                Bob, this has been political from the start, and it remains political. The NCORC MEL document (the Kool-Aid) currently adopted was voted in on January 7, at the IYC, after some discussion as to whether or not to allow the MORA exemptions, which had been in place for some 30 years or more. The vote was put to all in attendance (!?!!?!). Not the NCORC poohbahs, but anyone in attendance! If I'd known, I'd have stocked the meeting with friends and loose homeless folks, and we wouldn't be having this discussion. However well intentioned, the NCORC MELs are, at best, a first draft. Note how they bend all over backwards to entice the BAMA folks to have a sip. I mean, really; a single lifeline, running fore and aft down the centerline of the boat?? Tacking hath but one question: The High Hurdles, or the Limbo? I haven't even opened the file on the waiver debacle that ensued after the January 7th meeting.

                                All along in this discussion, I have, sensibly, offered a caveat to the MORA exemptions. That any vessel, under 30', taking the lifeline and pulpit exemption be required to have all crew on deck be tethered to the boat, using ISAF-compliant hard points, jacklines, and tethers/harnesses. But, alas, nooooo!

                                So, onward with the political fight. I'm counting on sanity over dogma. I could very well be wrong, but that's a load I'm willing to shoulder.