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  • Originally posted by BobJ View Post
    Wouldn't that be like watching a couple of snails screwing - or whatever it is snails do?

    So I stared at one for awhile today at RYC (a Cal 20, not a snail screwing). It looks like you couldn't go 18" tall (stanchions) between the mast and cockpit or the boom would hit them, but no problem between the mast and pulpit and from the front of the cockpit aft. Like Starbuck and some other boats, you'd probably have to duck under them to hike (BFD) but it would be easy peasy to get washed to leeward on that boat and you'd have a chance to grab something on your way by. The foredeck would be a lot more secure (we all have headsails that hunch over the lifelines so another BFD on that one). Of course Richard never leaves the tiller so he's not worried about the foredeck.

    Oh yeah, I wasn't going to post in this thread anymore.

    MY BAD!
    Bob, my offer to go with a clip-in requirement makes your analysis moot. If you ruin half the boat, it's not much different than ruining all the boat. Especially if the boat's only 20' long. Back to your drawing board.


    • Your offer didn't fly. I was trying to see what the big problem is and there isn't one. At most you'd need a waiver to lower them amidships so the boom will clear.

      Lifelines won't ruin your boat especially since you can take them off for all other racing, just like many other smaller boats do. You just don't want to install them. We get that, and it's your loss.

      I guess I shouldn't have bothered even looking.


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