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Oaklands Proposed "Brooklyn Basin" Project

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  • Oaklands Proposed "Brooklyn Basin" Project

    The SF Chronicle's Matier and Ross have noted in today's column that taxpayers would be on the hook for $25.6 million for the proposed "Brooklyn Basin" project, which will include 3,100 housing units, 200,000 square feet of retail and commercial space, and 30 acres of parks that include wetlands restoration.

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    Brooklyn Basin PDF ~It's not the size of the website, it's how you use it! ~

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    Pretty optimistic about their proposed foot print, aren't they?

    And then there's the thing about the military base across the channel.

    Not to mention CEQA.


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      From the rendering it appears they're talking about the two knobs in the upper-left corner of your photo, not where the pointer is.

      It sure looks better than what's there now. The challenge will be access - and paying for it of course.


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        Actually, just to the left of the A on the paved lot, and that small defunct set of docks


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          Just imagine what it would do for the wait a Quins Light House.....Oh the horror!!!


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            Okay, now I found a map with the footprint. Much better.

            Will Clinton Basin offer intern service?

            Not much parking for boat owners.


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              "Will Clinton Basin offer intern service?"


              It looks like they wouldn't touch Fifth Ave Marina. It could use a lot more than just a touch.


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                I think these are the two large docks directly across from the EYC and OYC.

                Really? They want to name one of the green spaces "south park"? Gateway Park ought to have Lewinsky Plaza as a pseudonym.


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                  What about the homeless transients on derelict boats currently taking up residency there now?


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                    Originally posted by Buzz Light Beer View Post
                    What about the homeless transients on derelict boats currently taking up residency there now?
                    Just move them down the estuary


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                      Anything will be better than the rat-infested shitholes that currently line that side of the Estuary.
                      Clean bottoms are FastBottoms!


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                        You know, I don't get the lack of desire for folks to live on the Estuary. It's waterfront, Alameda side is slowly gentrifying, but Jack London Square doesn't seem to ever have hit enough density to make a good go of it. Maybe this project will attract new projects.

                        Of course, some day the kids will be out of school, and I'd love to be able to downsize and get a place on the water. Those houses between High Street and the CG Island on the Alameda side look pretty well sited.