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    100 plus SH & DH boats....21 nm miles, Bezerkeley Circle --> Alcatraz--> Harding Rock --> Red Rock--> The Brothers --> Red Rock --> Finish @ Bezerkeley Circle.....

    Must be a story in there somewhere???

    (life sometimes gets in the way)

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    There were two races - the one in which the fast boats made it past the Riviera before the wind shut off, and the race for those who didn't. You can see it in the finish times. When the wind came back on (with the fog line) it blew up to 25 knots, making the reach down into OC-C and the beat back out a bit sporty.

    Getting around Alcatraz was tricky on that big flood, and HR Buoy was moving fast too. If you'd cracked off at all on the way across to HR you were SOL when you got there - ask me how I know.

    I experimented with a top-down furler on the big A2. It wouldn't unroll without a lot of fussing but once it did, it was pretty sweet. I'll play with it some more.


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      We had a great day on JetStream. Yesterday was a day to have all your waypoints on the GPS and keep an eye on the numbers like a hawk. Otherwise you would be at the mercy of the current. I posted our track on jibeset. We had a bit of a transition in front of Richmond, but we hedged closer to shore and that seem to pay off over the guys over in deeper water. Sporty it was in the circle. Nice fast reach, but a bit of a beating getting past the pier to get home.

      Here is our track. We played the middle on the upwind which I think payed off, and we nailed both the reach to Harding and the finish.


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        Looks like a perfect job working the Alcatraz cone. I planned to go over there but watched Gordie stay on port and head for Pt. Blunt. I've learned (as many others have) that Gordie is usually right. I had the mast instruments both set on speed - one on SOG and the other on boat speed. It was very revealing. 2/10-4/10k of flood on that part and better pressure, so it appeared Gordie was right again.

        It was also interesting coming back down from The Brothers. We had to go out around Red Rock so the question was when to head out there. I started out short-tacking the beach like most others, but when I went on out the current wasn't any worse, especially as you got closer to Red Rock. It apparently has a cone of its own. BUT there was better pressure along Richmond so it paid to stay in there longer.

        I almost changed up to the #1 on the way to the Brothers. If I had, I might have had enough more speed to squeek through with you guys before the wind shut down. Now that the boat lives at RYC it was very tempting to call it a day at that point.


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          I think it was about even, maybe a slight advantage hitting Angle Is vs. the middle as the wind angles end up a little better. We had split with the Melges 24 that was just flying upwind in the light conditions, and we converged 'near' Alcatraz with us just in front. But then they went into the current while we short tacked on the shore of Alcatraz and I think we put half a mile on them in about 5 minutes. That was deadly. I think I saw Ragtime playing the cone tightly as well.

          On the way back from the Brothers I think it really paid to stay in shore. We were shore tacking with a couple of other boats, an if any crossed the current line they will automatically loose ground. As we did a little closer to the bridge. Didn't go below 5 feet of water below our keel while others pushed it much tighter.

          At the end I think everyone hit the transition, though it sounds like it got a little worse later on....


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            What was this all about?

            (credit norcal sailing}


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              Unlike Cal 20's, apparently little tris and Yankee 30's are not hermaphroditic.


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                Will the offspring have 1 hull, 2 hulls or 3?


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                  Originally posted by Buzz Light Beer View Post

                  What was this all about?

                  (credit norcal sailing}
                  The love that dare not speak its name. Covered under the equal protection clause of the Constitution.