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    results are up!


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      Yesterdays return from Point San Pablo and the Brothers was full on hate mission from the north bay, all the way to
      the city front...even the usual protection behind Angel Island offered little relief as the wind was coming over the top
      in gusts...the slot was just gnarly with the last of the ebb and mountainous confused seas capped of with 30 plus knot
      wind...the turn and burn crews musta been whooped by the time they got home..Dick Enerson was entertaining Nicola Breymaier,
      who's hubby Ryan was crewing for Peter Stoneberg, he said the stretch from San Rafael Bridge to Raccoon Strait was "Turrible, just turrible"
      even for a protector...The guys on the Prosail put a reef in the main in Vallejo Strait and kept the boat upright the whole way back...

      The crews returning today should have their hands full if forecast above reigns true...

      A reef in Shadow's main ins a sizable reduction in sail area...
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        These were in the lee of Angel Island, as boats sought refuge and reduced sail...

        Raccoon Strait and the down to deck nasty grey stuff pouring in the Gate at a very rapid clip,

        By now, 2:40 PM. the StFYC had abandoned racing for the day and the USCG had a Pan-Pan-Pan
        alert for a sailboat lost in the fog near Pillar Point, requesting all mariners to keep a look out...yeah right...
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          Originally posted by HapaPops View Post
          Great day on the water, with a not so great end. Lovely run past the brothers, simple and sweet. Finished the race, we had planned a turn & burn so we threw in a reef and made our way back out. As we got up towards the entrance to the shipping channel, we hit a nasty wave set, and fell off of one, the rig came down. Broke above the spreaders, I suppose compression.

          What it looked like before the wave jumping incident... rig looks loaded...
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            Originally posted by Photoboy View Post

            What it looked like before the wave jumping incident... rig looks loaded...
            Looks a fair bit out of column as well.


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              Cal 40 "AZURE" Sports a new Cal Spinny....

              Cento Cending it!

              Leglus wa 1st to find the building N.W. breeze....

              Quiver won PHRF 3 by a substantial margin

              Problem Child had no problem correcting out over boats with biggerer waterlines

              Topsy Turvy with that rascal Ronnie and his new fro...

              Zhenya Kirueshkin-stepano, or Zen for short on his M-24 Rusalka

              War Pony took 2nd in PHRF 2

              Zamazaan crew unsure if doofus in red rib would get out of way in time...

              Wild One, having a wild time....

              more later...
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                Sunday Starts ~ Delay

                Some of the starts on Sunday morning were delayed. It took a moment to recreate a starting line,

                Sunday pics, posted online from a coffee shop, watching the Giants fans line up for the Vallejo->San Francisco Ferry,


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                  referencing post 20, fricking rotating wing masts. Remember it was twisted so you have a funny angle from this view. but I like it photo boy, maybe I'll buy a shot. I'd have to check the track, but i'd say we were just doing about 15 there, we didn't get wound up till later in the run. Nice amount of sag in the forestay no?

                  Anyway, downwind the rig was a rock, she blew up on that hate-mission turn and burn. Upwind, reefed. Broke about 1 foot about the spreader.


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                    David Kean provide a few frames from aboard the Extreme 40 "Smart Recruiters"

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                      Sundays results!


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                        We arrived home about 7:00 last night and the boys spent 20 mins talking over each other telling their mom about the weekend, and crashed at 7:30pm, which never happens. We had a couple of great races and finished well in our class, which has them all excited - plus they were allowed to eat junk food, which is contraband at home. Only one serious piece of drama was a horrendous wrap approaching the river on Saturday. We decided to jibe and cut behind the freighter that looked like it wanted in at the wharf. I hosed-up the sail handling and we put the kite around the jib, which took a couple of minutes to clear and cost us a place (one-design provides brutally immediate feedback of your mistakes). On the video it looks a lot quicker than it felt while we were struggling and the wind doesn't look 21 kts either.


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                          That was fun. I haven't done a Vallejo race in 8-9 years, so getting out there in the Moore 24 Cookie Jar was a good time. Couple of notes...

                          1. moore 24 with 18 knots of wind behind and some running chop is a lot of fun.
                          2. squeezing my expanded, aging butt into a moore 24 pipe berth is not so easy and demands the very limit of my flexibility. Once there, however, i slept like a rock.
                          3. I didn't hear the party AT ALL. *Was* there a party?
                          4. Wyliecat 30's are flippin fast to windward.
                          5. It's gotten pretty shallow at the entrance to the new municipal marina.

                          I remember my first Vallejo race. Oh, the glamour. ...The racer-chaser chicks hitting on the younger crew guys. The scads of late 20-somethings and 30-somethings with neon clothing and glasses, driving fast boats. Thi syear, we went to the Club after the race for coffee and my overwhelming impression is of an aging crowd of guys. The young ladies present were mostly someones daughter or granddaughter. Where were the late-20-somethings grinding on the hot boats and wearing neon lens sunglasses?

                          How many people stayed on their boats? Almost nobody slept on their boats, on our dock. I assume everybody got a hotel room. Jeez, for me, it wouldn't be Vallejo if I didn't snooze on the boat. I saw gazillions of 80's vintage boats, quite a few 70's vintage boats, a fair number of 90's vintage boats and not a whole lot of 2005 or newer boats. There were some, for sure, but not a LOT. I think we're semi-stuck in a time warp locked into about 1988-1990.


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                            Yeah Alan, you're right about that - although there were a fair number of younger guys and ladies over near the big, fast boats.


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                              Sorry to hear about the rig Pops.

                              It was a pretty interesting race with many opportunities to gain and lose.

                              1. At the start we went right ++
                              2. After the windward mark we stayed left + (The big boats near Richmond were all fighting to get back to the left, unusual for us not to set anything at the windward mark)
                              3. Played middle left from R bridge to the brothers +
                              4. Gave the Brothers a wide berth left to avoid the current --- (boy that sucked, let everyone in)
                              5. Stayed on better current on the far left side, we were committed to that side already, neutral
                              6. Back to the right at Pt. Pinole +
                              7. Cross early to the sea wall ++ (regained most of what we lost around the Brothers)
                              8. First to find that there is no water at the entrance to the Vallejo YC -----

                              Sunday everyone was a bit slower, no one firing on all cylinders. We almost call it as it took ages to retrieve the start mark from the yellow 105. Did a very conservative start, good as we didn't realize that we were supposed to leave the mark on port when all the fleets before us left it to starboard. Tried to set kite, but changed to Code to exit the river. Just played shifts and currents as best we could. Made a good call to go stay in the middle as we approached San Pablo. It allowed us to hook into better current than the folks on either side during the wind transition, resulting in a much stronger showing than our otherwise mediocre race to that point.


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                                I had whip-smart noob Cal 20 owner for Sat. The guy was a buck sixty-five geared-up. He blew his back out on the approach tack to the weather mark, not bracing for the jib-sheet trim. He said he was good, but I've heard that. Lucky me: he could drive, took direction, processed, and played with the knowledge. We had Garth Copenhaver, on the Tuna 22 "Oreo" to duke with, and we worked it inside to Pt. San Pablo, By Pt. Pinole, he, a 20-something from Argentina, was a surf master. We stayed south after Pt. Pinole, to the Shell docks, then cranked left to avoid "Roller Coaster", who was walking the talk. 4th overall, monohull, and division Ace was satisfying.

                                Sunday, sporting Howard Martin, another Cal 20 stalwart, we took the north side after leaving G1 to starboard. Short tacking the rocks with "Oreo", we traded positions several times. When Pat Broderick finally caught up, his words were: "I'm watching you..." Stayed in the sweet water as much as possible. PHRF upwind in a Cal 20 is a fools errand, though. Garth got us by 13 seconds. Upper third, overall.

                                Saw photos of Golden Moon recovering MOB, ISAF textbook style. 18" lifelines......