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Bay Area hull cleaner killed on the job?

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    I use a hookah system. Its awesome.... Just did a Marine electrical certification and its pretty amazing how many boats have wiring issues and leak voltage/current into the water. One boat here local was putting 12 amps into the water. Pretty scary


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      Originally posted by djodenda View Post
      I used to clean my own bottom with a snorkle, mask and fins... I felt OK about it, but was always concerned about the nasty polluted water in Marina Del Rey, and, more importantly, about getting hung up on an underwater obstacle, and not be able to extricate myself before I ran out of air.
      Nasty water in MdR is right... both Kenny and Dennis got nasty staph infections a few years ago, not many months apart, from diving bottoms in the marina.


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        Spoke to the Coroner's Office today. Was told that they're,"Deferring the cause of death, but looking at natural causes." What I take from that is that they don't have autopsy results yet but found nothing to indicate foul play or accident. So maybe a heart attack or something along those lines.
        Clean bottoms are FastBottoms!


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          Received this today from Swanson's widow:

          Dear Matt,

          This is Helene Swanson here, his wife. The matter is currently under investigation, it appears to be something with his heart. Unfortunately, we do not have clear answers at this time. OSHA determined that it was not a work related death. Many factors should be considered in this matter. Such as why didn't Oakland ticket a vehicle which had been sitting in a tow away zone for over 12 in front of the Waterfront Hotel at Jack London Square. Why when called was their priority to check the hotel to see if he was checked in verses going straight to where he was found on the dock? If he had been alive every minute would/could count. The questions are endless but the answers are few. I don't. Unfortunately, due to all the cuts the Oakland PD is short staffed and then with the recent shake up they are disorganized. I would go on but I am still trying to sort this all out. I thank you in advance for your support.

          Moving on. While we are deeply sadden we will carry on. William was an evangelical Episcopalian dedicated to his social justice ministry. William served the Anchor Outs of Richardson Bay with the program Olof's Brother's which he founded in honor of his brother, working diligently to bring services to this group of veterans and artists who have found a meager living on the water.
          He worked diligently on the Death Penalty, holding monthly vigils.

          And we was my biggest supporter in our work on the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment
          Most recently we traveled to India to launch Katrina's Dream - India.

          All of our money went either back into the business or went to our ministry. We will not be closing down. It is how we fund our ministry. Our youngest son Harry will be carry on for William. William had been training him for the better part of the last two years. I hope that when you see Harry that you support him in his efforts. He has some pretty big shoes to fill.

          We are holding a service on May 30, 2012 at 6pm at Christ Church Sausalito all are invited. I thank you for expressing concern as

          Love and LIght in Christ,
          Clean bottoms are FastBottoms!