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    Seems like a couple of laser masts along with the appropriate flags, some line, a few blocks, and a warm vehicle would work for the landward starting line.
    Slightly skewed line depending on which Club buoy you choose.
    Could be great fun if someone had a great big land yacht to use.


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      Does that moore in the photo have a Mast head antenna ?


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        Interesting question. I don't see one, but even the original isn't very sharp.


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          Overall winner Dan Benjamin on the Wylicat 30 "Whirlwind" wrote up this piece for the Wylie Cat Association....

          Pat and I really went at it right from the start line. We probably were never as much as a half mile from each other all the way to the Farallones, and most of the way back in. Don took a more southerly departure from land and trailed us out. The secret was to get into the northwest winds as soon as possible. The leg outbound was fairly straight forward - go fast and point at the islands. No tacks required. What it did take was constant steering through the waves or you came crashing down on the back side. If you missed, you really got soaked. There were waves from at least two directions which knocked us around a lot. The wave sizes were not too tall maybe 5 feet with a scattered 8 to 10 footer to keep you honest. Winds varied around mid to upper teens. As we got further offshore it picked up around 20+ with no control problems except the waves. I had the main really twisted off. Even the top batten would occasionally invert. We sailed our way into a 25 degree lift into the islands. We all rounded the islands rather far to the north. I didn't see anyone going in too close except one boat that was closer than the rest of us chose to come. We also went well to the west before bearing off to round the far end. Jibing now in 20+ winds and 10 to 15 foot waves was memorable. I nearly did a broach to weather just as I started my turn on a big wave. No one went below on the way back in as it required constant helming to stay upright and fast with the winds and seas on the beam. Pat, Don, and I each blasted along at 11's and 12's with thrilling rides in the 14 to 15 knot range. Some of the other boats were flaming out in the difficult sea and wind conditions. They couldn't fly spinnakers and were also overpowered with their jibs. There were lots of hard left turns. The wind picked up to upper 20's for a time coming back to the Bay. We arrived in a flood so it was a straight shot to the bridge, jibe, and tear off to the finish line.

          Am I exhausted? Yeh. I was steering so much going and coming back that my arms were tired. The hands were nearly numb from tugging on the tiller extension. The final insult was a cramp in my right leg after two hours of not moving because I was too busy steering! (The cramp had nothing to do with sailing, it is a bicycling thing when you try to keep up with the "A" riders and you are over 60, they're in their 20's!). I slept most of Sunday and did a training ride so I called it.
          Dan Benjamin
          " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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            Wow, only one other person questioning reality... A certain boat gets totally kicked out of ocean sailing,,, and others still might not be conforming..

            Its time to check EVERY boat !


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              Originally posted by PSutchek View Post
              A certain boat gets totally kicked out of ocean sailing,,, and others still might not be conforming..

              Its time to check EVERY boat !
              Don't attempt to rewrite history Paul: What really happened.

              As for inspections, all participants are subject to them. They can get pre-inspected (I've done several) but they are still subject to post-race inspection.

              Also, you might take another look at that photo. Lifelines are installed and they aren't inhibiting Andy's ability to hike. You guys can do this too, if Richard could just get over himself.


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                Bob, if you had half the 'nads, and one quarter of the talent, you wouldn't have to hide behind your "position", and would just have to sail your boat to its rating, as I do.

                We (Paul and I), absolutely smoked your sorry ass in the Crewed Lightship. We were sailing PNE (Participating, Not Entered), as we will be on the first of June, and will be looking to repeat. We had a TOT one minute ahead of everyone on the course. Smoke that.

                As to getting over myself, if you want to see how you measure up, talk to your YC, get a Cal 20, and roll out to the Lipton Cup.


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                  Idiot and Paul--
                  Will you please SHUT THE FUCK UP?
                  Have heard your arguments and points of view. I get it. I'm tired of hearing about it here. Many others are also tired of it. You have not convinced those that make the rules. Your constant bitching and deriding those that do not agree with you does nothing to bolster your arguments or gain support for your position.
                  Whinging on every thread that has anything to do with racing in and out of the bay is NOT PRODUCTIVE.

                  SO ---- Shut up!


                  Thank You.


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                    Yo, Family Boy,

                    It's a Forum. Get used to it. If you "get it", then why aren't you working to make the system more inclusive.

                    If you really want to get into it, get off this food fight and talk to me.. This goes to the lot of you. I'm open.

                    Richard vonEhrenkrook
                    Cal 20 #624, "Can oWhoopass", SFYC


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                      Congratulations Stuart! That's a frigging rant worthy of me.

                      Richard, I asked a few questions a couple of weeks ago, and the best you could come up with was "lifelines make my overlapping jib look like crap". Well, welcome to the club of people with overlapping jibs. Now would you and the Smurf PUHLEEZE take me up on my offer to spend a day putting lifelines on CoW? I'll even pay for the damn beer.


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                        Yo Idiot,

                        I can tell from your tone that I'm getting to you - this pleases me.

                        My boat is rated for full crew but I race it single-handed. Your boat is rated for two girls, which is who I usually see sailing Cal 20's. If you ever step up to a real boat, look me up.


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                          The system is inclusive, provided you comply with the rules. You've presented your arguments, reasons and rationales to the folks that regulate the racing you want to participate in.
                          You lost the argument.
                          Play by the rules in force at the moment. Or, don't.
                          But to continue to pollute any thread or discussion with your whiny dissatisfaction with the rules is and annoying to me and possibly others.
                          I don't agree with your position, although it has been repeatedly stated on this forum.
                          You lost the argument, live with it.
                          Criticizing the sailing ability of those that don't support you and your ideas is simply childish.
                          Your constant whinging and belittlement has done nothing to further your cause and does not promote the use of these forums.

                          So I must repeat my request for you to shut up, please!


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                            Originally posted by BobJ View Post
                            My boat is rated for full crew but I race it single-handed. Your boat is rated for two girls, which is who I usually see sailing Cal 20's. If you ever step up to a real boat, look me up.
                            Hi BobJ,
                            I am trying to be optimistic about your comment and hope that you mean to suggest that women and men who sail smaller boats in Bay (and ocean) conditions and their crews are pretty tough sailors!


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                              No worries - my comment was context-specific.


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                                Here's a little onboard footage from Escapade from last Saturday...