So the Seattle NOOD is this weekend and it looks like they may finally have some nice winds for the weekend.

42 boats on the North Course. Boats you would classify as ones that come out racing on the sound in the other PHRF/Keel boat races, 8 of which are 6 meters that only get seen sporadically on the sound, and the 6 boat Super 30 fleet that is racing level with dissimilar boats. Leaving 28 boats...

93 boats on the South Course. Keel Boats you would not normally see out on the Saltwater in the other PHRF/Keel Boat races and a ton of Dinghy's. You could argue that some of the J24's and some of the Thunderbirds do some of the saltwater PHRF races, but mostly they race on the lake. The Star Boats certainly put together a small but tough looking class and they alway's do the CYC Thursday nights on the Saltwater, but obviously no other keel boat races

So it looks like Seattle's National Offshore One Design regatta has a bigger draw for boats that normally race on the protected waters of Lake Washington and for boats that do not normally participate in the greater Puget Sound racing calendar. Regardless they are getting a large number of boats out racing on the sound and that can be nothing but good news for many in the area.

Hope they have a good weekend of winds.