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Extra Dart for WIRW, Needs a crew

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    Phillip has upped his offer!

    Phillip from Tx - Offers B25 experience.
    + A case of ice-cold Pearl Beer from the Land of 1100 Springs.

    Gavin from Vancouver BC - Offers naming of firstborn.

    Stuart from Navato CA - Offers Beneteau 36.7 for Dart #5, maybe..
    - Backs out of WIRW, Says he still wants Dart #5 though. We'll see..

    Krak from Tahoe CA - Offers Melges & WIRW experience along with youth group PR.
    + Visited the factory. (Drove up from Calif.) Saw all things left Coast. Wants to do WIRW, but needs to clarify his offer.

    Kent from KT - Offers B25 experience and is a LC customer.

    Silverbullet - Offers.. Holding PHRF, WIRW experience, 1 qt. of gas, Bikini-clad crew, No broken hearts and lead haluing A COUPLE DAYS LATE!

    Asymptote - Offers lots of racing experience. And, is a friend of Kilo's (Paul's) so that's in his favor.

    Anyone else?

    -jim lee


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      For PR & badgering beyond the call of duty. Krak Arntson gets Dart #1 for WIRW.

      But! Seeing how popular this got, we plan on opening up this offer for more regattas this season. We'll give the people who were fighting for it this time first turn downs for these later races.

      -jim lee