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Three Buoy Fiasco June 15th

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  • Three Buoy Fiasco June 15th

    Coming up on June 15th, just 4 weeks away, is round three of this amazingly fun classic style fiasco race. Unlike last year the starting area for 2013 will be over in Seattle off Shilshole Bay Marina and the marks will be announced on the STYC website. Party afterwards in a location to be determined but it’ll be walking distance from Shilshole. There will be classes for Flying Sails, No Flying Sails, and Cruising Class - Sign up at STYC.ORG - it is a no cost race (FREE) for PMYC & STYC members. The race date was changed from May to June in order to accommodate all the boats that wanted to do the FIASCO race, a no conflict date, so we expect to see the attendance Jump from the previous two years.

    So what the heck will this Fiasco be you ask? Let me tell you . . . A “Fiasco” style race incorporates multiple marks that can be rounded in any direction in any order (and you can start and finish in any direction as well). This will be a pursuit style race with the slower rated boats starting first which helps in clearing the starting area for boats of different design and ability. The starting area will be off of Shilshole Bay Marina. Racers will be allowed to start in either direction. The course marks will be listed in the NOR on the STYC website ( Racers are allowed to round any mark, in any order, in any direction, you pick. Approximately a 15 mile course with a plethora of opportunities for tactical choices that can allow you to go from zero to hero in a matter of minutes (or the other way around). The pursuit style start helps bring the sailboats back to the finish area at a somewhat similar time in order to get all the racers to the after race party that’s being graciously hosted by STYC.

    Unlike the Three Bridge Fiasco in San Fransico, the Puget Sound version will be fully crewed, yet racers are encouraged to create groups, as they see fit, and petition for your own class. Olson 30’s, Jack and Jill’s, Columbia 26’s, Short Handed, Vipers, Thunderbirds, etc... You motivate it and PMYC and STYC will make it happen.

    An interesting tidbit has been included in this fun styled race to encourage participation of West Side sailboats - an East/West trophy to encourage friendly competition and participation.

    So when is this Fiasco on Puget Sound? The STYC/PMYC Three Buoy Fiasco is scheduled for June 15th. Save the Date - June 15th, 2013 for the 3rd year of many Three Buoy Fiasco’s to be run on Puget Sound. This kinda fun only comes around once a year, don’t miss it! This race is free for STYC and PMYC members and only $25 to enter if you are a member of another club.

    Online entry can be found at along with the NOR and other pertinent information. Hope to see you out there enjoying your boat on the sound. I’m pullin’ for the West side but we need more entries!

    Quotes from previous write up’s:

    “Since you can start in either direction it was a bit confusing to think about. We swung by the graciously volunteered race committee boat, Lilly Pad, and asked Kevin how he’ll know - “I’ll put up this over early flag, that’s how I’ll know.” “But what if we’re going the other way?” I asked. “Well, you’ll turn around and cross the line and the flag will come down, then I’ll know your not over early.” Seemed obvious.”

    “With most of the boats crossing the line to the North and heading for the Counter Clockwise course Nate Creitz, aboard the Olson 25 Three Ring Circus, yelled over “It’s not much of a Fiasco if we all go the same way!”

    “PMYC Commodore Pat Mitchell, aboard his 6 meter Sockeye, shares that “Matt Hebard, my guest bowman, casually mentioned West Point first, but in true loser fashion, I ignored him for the lemming like instinct was too strong...” and they chose to join the now 90% of the fleet that crossed the line to the North with the intention of rounding Jeff’s head first.”

    “The Islander 36, Whistling Swan, lead the no flying sails fleet towards Hidden Cove while Three Ring Circus under spinnaker sailed the great circle route south then west into the bay to avoid the holes and fickle winds just south of the bluff at Jeff’s Head. A tactic that worked well for the Olson and the Santa Cruz 27, Wild Rumpus, but as they traveled around the two large barges attached to the mark they where met head on by the Farr 30 Nefarious rounding the mark the other way! “What were they doing rounding to Starboard,” laughs Andy Schwenk?”

    “On this fun reach Mitchell thinks “Sockeye could have hit a near all time high Surfing off the bigger waves reaching with our full .75 oz.. Six meters don't spin out but we came close. Other times we would hit the back of a wave and drive the bow three feet into it, sending water back to the cockpit.”

    “...the crew on More Uff Da were confused on how far into Shilshole bay they each where sailing. Next thing they knew Carmanah dropped their chute near the finish line and Ben Braden, the skipper of More Uff Da, thought to himself “don’t they know they have to round West Point as well? Hmm..., OH CRAP! They went to West Point first!”

    Photo’s by Jan’s Marine Photography from the 2011 Three Buoy Fiasco.
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    A little disorganization goes a long way toward fun sailing.

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    A little disorganization goes a long way toward fun sailing.