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2013 Coastal Cup

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  • 2013 Coastal Cup

    Stephen Stroub's SC37' "Tiburon" leads Alex Farrell's 1D35 "Alpha Puppy" in the 2 boat division B, by some estimated 13 nm. According to the Yellow Brick Tracker, which is delay by 4 hours. Enjoying NW breeeze in the low to mid 20's the fleet has put up some good distance under their keels, with "Tiburon" has travel and estimated 220 nm out of the 371 nm from SF to Marina Del Rey.

    In Division D, Jon Eberly's X-Yachts X362, "Quixote" leads the 4 boat division, with a narrow 6 nm lead over Rodney Pimentel's Cal 40' "Azure", with an estimate 200 nm to finish for leaders.

    Division A gets started this morning, with the following boats starting off the StFYC
    at 10:00 AM:

    SC 50' "Hana Ho", Reichel/Pugh 63' "Invisible Hand", SC 52 "Lucky Duck", and SC 70' "Retro"
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    Rumor I heard is that IH is out.


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      Hana Ho is out also, just watched the two boat start on the StFYC webcam.


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        It might help interest in the race if it the date was moved back to July 4 weekend time-frame and move the finish back to Santa Barbara YC. On the couple of of times I've done that race the extra day off from work was crucial to getting a crew together, and Santa Barbara YC is a great club and the harbor is a nice place to visit.

        Moving the date away from July 4 hurts crew availability (everyone has to take more time off work), and moving the finish away from Santa Barbara increases the time spent moving [often, but not always] slowly across Santa Monica Bay. The fun/fast part of the ride is down the coast, once you turn left towards the finish - maximizing the fun and minimizing the painful crawl to the finish line is a good thing.

        Breeze is up offshore, hopefully it will be a fun ride for everyone.

        - rob/beetle


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          Just looked and saw a single white kite 1.5 to 2 miles off Pacifica, wind is building nicely...

          Spoke with Greg from Invisible Hand. They had a litany of issues to deal with, including 3 team members
          having to cancel at last minute, including bowman Matt Noble who managed to run a drill bit through his
          finger yesterday while working on the hatch.

          Then there was the forecast of near 40 knot breeze, and the boat is being optimized for Transpac conditions of
          20-25, so thrashing the existing kit, especially with 3 replacements looked like a bad option.

          And there is the extra 100 miles or so after Conception, where the wind usually goes light and crews already exhausted
          from barn burner conditions down the coast have to contend with.

          The Hand will sail instead in the Crewed Farallones on Saturday, finish some additional work on the boat then deliver to
          LA for the start of the Transpac
          " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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            Wednesday start killed it for me. These races are still what make CA sailing what it is. The stretch from Monterey to Morro is some of the toughest most remote stretches you can find in NA. My best sailing memories are burning through the night with sunrise off Arguello. ULDB birth and development grounds.


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              This is by far my favorite ocean race, its like a 400m dash. Always on, in normally on conditions. But the Wed (and Tues) start killed it for me, particularly with an upcoming Transpac....


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                The only two big boats in the race are just tearing it up. Retro will probably round Conception by dawn.


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                  Slow ride for Tuesday starters now, Tiburon doing 3.2 knots, Retro has caught the back the fleet.


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                    Move the finish to Point Conception.


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                      Some of the best sailing is after you round Conception when the wave period lengthens and smooths out.


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                        That is true, but land access east of the Light House is very limited.
                        It would be simple enough to have an ilumintated inflatable mark off shore
                        and have folks at the light house taking times.

                        Boats could continue flying their kites or just surf the swell with main and headsails until the breeze shuts
                        down, then motor into SBYC.


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                          Moving finish to Conception is a ridiculous idea. First, all truly great races have a destination. Second, the SoCal boats have to sail in light stuff all summer, and they manage to do it without declaring an arbitrary finish. I can't begin to tell you how much I despise GPS finishes.


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                            I seem to remember the sleds doing a race from S.F. to Pt. Conception. I think it might have been an early version of the Aldo Alesio regatta out of StFYC. You would take your own time at the finish.


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                              You don't get to play only the easy holes ya know?