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OYRA Half Moon Bay race

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  • OYRA Half Moon Bay race

    The Half Moon Bay race is Saturday June 29th.

    We have been working with HMBYC to make sure there are no weddings at the club and that they will be ready to handle us when we arrive.

    You can anchor out if you want or you can call the harbormaster and they will assign you a slip in the harbor. Either way HMBYC will provide a shore boat to get you in from anchor or to ferry you and your crew from the fuel dock over to HMBYC for the party.

    Full bar of course, and dinner will be served starting at 1830. Here is a link to the event: http://halfmoonbayyachtclub.cloverpa...Date=6/20/2013

    I sent a survey a while back and from the responses 20 boats said they were going and that accounted for about 100 people at dinner, so this should be quite an event.

    Who's in?

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    Well there might be weddings but as tradition requires, they're only good for the duration of the voyage.

    Do we register for dinner at that link, through Jibeset or at the door?


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      Just got the e-mail - RSVP by 6/26 by registering at that link or sending an e-mail to the club:

      "Please RSVP: or Pay Online at"